About Us

Message from the CEO


Brett S., Founder and CEO


As a former healthcare administrator, I launched Chosen Family with the goal of having a more focused, direct impact on the delivery of care than I could ever accomplish within my previous leadership roles. For me, the joy of running an organization like Chosen Family Home Care is having the ability to positively improve the lives of individuals needing customized care. As a passionate Philadelphia resident, I know that many local seniors can benefit from new approaches to in-home care, that will bring them more connection to the community, and provide families with a greater sense of comfort that their loved one is indeed matched with an ideal caregiver.


This starts by including the family, loved ones, or healthcare partners throughout the care planning process, a key component of the concept of “family-centered care,” which has been adopted by top medical centers. A strong communication loop between family, the caregiver, Chosen Family management, and community healthcare practitioners is essential for ensuring that all the needs of the client are met. While this may not sound like a novel concept, it is not commonly practiced within the home care community.


The LGBT older adult population is expected to grow from 3 million people today to nearly 7 million people by 2030. However, the LGBT population is twice as likely to age alone and four times less likely to have children. The LGBT community is also twice as likely to be single than its non-LGBT peers, and they are also more likely to be estranged from their families.


As a result of these factors, they often lack familial support that others have. They typically rely on families of choice for care, which could be made up of friends, partners, or community members. Chosen Family was created to foster a welcoming environment, identify and build rapport, and be community advocates. We connect our patients and caregivers to the right resources to achieve not just independence at home but also cultural understanding and deep personal connections.


At Chosen Family, we also use the latest in health technology to maximize opportunities for communication between all members of our client’s care circles. We utilize effective oversight to ensure that we are in compliance with physician orders, and that our care plans are being properly administered.


As owner of the business, I also promise to you my direct involvement in your loved ones care, and will always make myself available for feedback and improvements in our service. I look forward to working with you and your loved one on creating a care plan that is perfectly suited to the family’s needs. Thank you for considering Chosen Family as your care partner.




The Chosen Family Approach



Company Culture Touches Everything We Do


Culture is the heart and soul of Chosen Family. As an organization dedicated to serving LGBT and other diverse clients, understanding the needs of our community is essential to a successful partnership that allow our clients to thrive.


Our caregivers are the heart and soul of the organization. We foster a culture that recognizes the value that our caregivers bring to our organization and to our patients on a daily basis. Our caregivers are pioneers in creating understanding and empathy for our patients, and their passion makes them a part of the team of both the organization and the diverse individuals that we serve. We take your trust in bringing us into your home very seriously. We talk a lot about family, and our principle is to put somebody in your home that we would with our own parents and working in symphony to bring peace of mind and an advocate as you age.

Chosen Family’s In-Home Care’s Goal


Our goal is to enable seniors and care recipients to live independent and productive lives in their own homes for as long as possible. The Chosen Family team does this by providing services with compassion, employing not only the most experienced caregiver team in the market, but also those that best match with the client based on culture, personality, language, and preferences. We provide optimal care by working closely with families on care design, and carefully considering their suggestions for improvements to care. With an eye towards continual improvement, we also leverage the latest in healthcare technology to ensure consistent communication between Chosen Family and our client families, and between the client and community. It is also our aim to act as thought leaders and educators for issues concerning the health and well-being of our elders and others requiring assistance to maintain an independent lifestyle.



Our Core Values:


1-Demonstrate compassion and empathy with our clients and families
2-Always operate with integrity and honesty
3-Be reliable and accountable
4-Be creative and continually improving
5-Be responsive to the needs of our clients
6-See the glass as half-full
7-Enjoy every day
8-Treat others the way you want to be treated