Interested in working for a home care agency that offers weekly pay to employees? Look no further than our guide to home care agencies offering weekly pay to caregivers and home health aides in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

For older adults, Community HealthChoices (CHC) provides physical health benefits as well as long-term services and supports to eligible individuals, like disabled adults and elderly people. Let’s take a look at the benefits and services offered by the CHC Medicaid program for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for eligible disabled adults and seniors.

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Our comprehensive guide walks you through registering and enrolling into Pennsylvania’s Medicaid waiver program. The program helps cover home health care and senior personal care, among other things for older adults. 

An epidemic of loneliness among seniors was here long before COVID-19. However, social distancing, greater vulnerabilities to the virus, and stay-at-home orders have made it even worse. Read about 5 technologies and innovations to fight social isolation in the elderly.