24 Hour Care

Care Around the Clock


When someone needs care around-the-clock, you may think that your only option is to place your loved one into a long-term care facility. With Chosen Family, that is not the only option. Chosen Family offers full-time care and services that allows your loved one to remain safe in the comfort of their own home.


Those living with dementia or who are home bound due to physical limitations often benefit from 24 hour care. Individuals with frailty syndrome and other advanced illnesses also benefit from full-time care. Additionally, some individuals may need temporary round-the-clock care, like after a surgery or hospitalization. You and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind by knowing that you have reliable, caring support throughout the day and night.


Why choose 24 hour care over a long-term care facility?


Depending on the needs of the patient, 24 hour care may make more sense than a long-term care facility. 24 hour care can be a comprehensive and often cost-effective option in relation to care facilities.


Having to move away from the home environment into a new and unfamiliar setting can be difficult for seniors and can cause distress and lead to further loss of independence and reduced quality of life.


24 hour care allows your loved one to remain in their home while continuing to ensure their safety and well-being. Best of all, Chosen Family provides a more personalized plan of care which caters to the health status and condition of the patient while keeping their preferences and lifestyle in mind for optimal health and happiness.