LGBT Caregivers

LGBT Caregivers



LGBT care goes beyond the care that patients receive. Caregiving can be a very rewarding while simultaneously challenging experience. LGBT caregivers face unique obstacles, from healthcare laws that privilege biological families to a lack of resources for LGBT-specific needs. Because LGBT people are twice as likely to age alone and four times less likely to have children, LGBT elders become caregivers more often than their heterosexual counterparts.


Important facts for LGBT caregivers:


  • Family caregiving beyond traditional norms: “Family” extends past immediate family in the case of caregiving, and LGBT caregivers often are tasked as caregivers to close friends, unmarried partners, and anyone else considered family. In fact, the name Chosen Family stems from the fact that many LGBT individuals have family that extend beyond traditional meanings. Families are not one size fits all, including those that do not share a biological or legal relationship. Chosen Family recognizes this and celebrates the diversity and strength that derives from an individual’s particular chosen family.


  • LGBT people become caregivers more often: Families often see LGBT adults as single and rely on them for caregiving, regardless of their relationship status. That makes them disproportionately in a place to be familial caregivers.


  • LGBT caregivers are more likely to be the sole home care provider for an individual and be in the same age range as the recipient of care: the ability to find others that can assist, including professional providers like Chosen Family, is vital in preventing coverage lapses that could result in unforeseen issues such as caregiver health problems and emergencies, while offering both respite care and alleviating burnout for the caregiver.


  • Caregivers tend to have poorer mental and physical health than non-caregivers: With prevalent health disparities observed in LGBT populations, this is a cause for concern amongst LGBT caregivers. All caregivers should ensure adequate self care, including LGBT caregivers, despite focusing attention on caring for others.


Chosen Family recognizes the unique impact that caregiving has on its LGBT caregivers. While LGBT caregivers might face amplified challenges as a result of caregiving, we understand that all caregivers are community heroes and that the work they do is could not be of greater importance.


Understanding this, Chosen Family fosters work/life balance, encourages emotional and mental support, and promotes respite care and general well being for all of its caregivers. By doing so, Chosen Family helps ensure the best care standards for our patients through improved caregiving, along with protecting and promoting our strongest assets: our caregivers. Check out our careers page to learn more about opportunities at Chosen Family.

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