Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency



At its core, cultural competency is what sets Chosen Family apart. Through training, education, and compassion, Chosen Family emphasizes cultural competency for our diverse patient base, and this is built right into our mission. This is especially true for our LGBT patients, whom are the foundation of Chosen Family.


What is cultural competency?


  • Cultural Competence refers to a combination of knowledge, skills and awareness pertaining to cultural differences and different interpretations across groups.
  • It includes the awareness of and respect for differences, without making assumptions that everyone from a particular background holds the same beliefs and practices.
  • It recognizes diversity


Why is cultural competency important in the LGBT and minority community?


  • Improve the quality of services and health outcomes
  • Eliminate health disparities that persist in the community
  • Increased comfort and patient satisfaction through more relevant and tailored care


How does Chosen Family practice cultural competency?


  • Welcoming: Chosen Family fosters a caring and accepting environment for all of our patients
  • Data collection: We collect relevant patient information that factor in cultural and language distinctions for more effective care and patient satisfaction.
  • Confidentiality: We practice strict confidentiality to ensure that the patient’s privacy and comfort level are always our top priority.
  • Risk Factors: We identify and monitor the risk factors that disproportionately affect the LGBT community and focus on LGBT-specific issues that impact the community.
  • Advocacy and community connections: We link our patients to community partners and resources that are relevant in overcoming barriers to health and happiness within the LGBT community such as mental health, housing, HIV/AIDS, employment, social connection, and financial resources.

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