Fall Prevention

Managing Fall Risks



A fear of falling can confine many seniors in their home. Real falls, of course, are a major concern. In fact, the number of seniors who die from fall related illnesses has doubled within the last 15 years. Each year, one-third of adults over the age of 65 experience a fall.


To help keep their loved ones in the home, many families hire professional home caregivers. Chosen Family is committed to keeping patients safe through our well-trained and compassionate caregivers. In combination with a comprehensive fall prevention program, Chosen Family aims to help our patients reduce their risk of falling in the home, where 75 percent of falls occur by:


  • Understand their fall risk and understanding how medications can increase risk
  • Learn healthy self-care through education
  • Improve their quality of life through supportive services
  • Avoid preventable falls by mitigating hazard risks
  • Remain safely in the home
  • Reduce expensive hospitalizations and readmissions


Reach out to Chosen Family and find out about how our fall prevention and reduction training and safety education can complement our supportive at home care services today.