a. The comfort of your own home With a Chosen Family Home Care caregiver, you gain the independence and comfort of living in your own home. Senior Assisted homes can feel impersonal and shared facilities can be stressful and emotionally taxing. Our caregivers allow you to have the comfort and peace of mind of living at home while providing better and more attentive care with privacy.
b. High quality care The cost of having a live-in caregiver is comparable to most facilities. Unlike group homes, our caregivers provide a higher standard of personalized one-on-one care.
c. Flexible schedule An assisted living facility is on a group schedule, and living at home you can set your own schedule and be surrounded by things familiar to you. Our round-the-clock caregivers will attend to your needs 24-hours a day, allowing you the freedom to schedule your daily activities as you see fit. In assisted living facilities, residents are often rushed to finish each task since the staff needs to attend to multiple clients. In contrast our caregivers will work around our clients’ needs, providing a consistent level of individualized care impossible to find in an assisted living facility.
d. Companionship Lastly, our live-in caregivers provide a kind of companionship not found in a facility or community with a rotating staff. Furthermore, unlike an assisted living facility where visiting hours are limited, your friends and family are free to visit you at any time with our caregivers.
The majority or our caregivers are referred to us by our current caregivers. We also contact graduates and place advertisements for earnest caregivers in paper ads and online. We require all of our caregivers to have at least 3 years of caregiving experience. It’s important for us to meet with your family and get detailed information on what our client’s specific needs are.
Absolutely! We encourage our clients to interview our caregivers prior to starting their service. This will allow you and your family to talk to and get to know the caregiver.
Our caregivers will provide a variety of services needed to make sure you can live an independent and healthy lifestyle. This includes tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, personal care, errands, transportation to appointments, medicine reminders, companionship, and assistance with getting up at night. The caregivers will also help complete daily tasks in a safe manner.
A caregiver may not administer injections or perform any invasive procedures. These procedures may include extensive major wound care, tube feeding, IV therapy, tracheotomy and any such tasks which require a skilled licensed professional (e.g. Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupation Therapists, etc.). Caregivers may provide medication assistance, making sure their clients receive their medication at the proper time. Chosen Family also has a medication management program available to our clients through our Care Managers.
We at Chosen Family pride ourselves on being a very flexible. We will provide assistance to our clients for as long as they need us. Some of our clients only require our services for a few weeks. Others may need assistance for months or years. We will work with you to choose the home care plan that is best for your situation.
Most of the time, our clients ask for caregivers with whom they share a common interest. This type of arrangement is common and we will strive to find the right caregiver for you. Other special arrangements, such as allowing driving privileges to a caregiver, must be negotiated and agreed upon as per the signed contract prior to hiring a caregiver.
We understand that each client has a different living arrangement. We only request that our caregivers have some place to store their personal belongings and an adequate, comfortable space to rest and sleep. We also request that our caregivers be able to utilize the amenities of the house (such as the bathroom, etc.) for grooming and personal needs.
In case of a medical emergency, our caregivers are instructed to call 911 immediately. We also ask that your family advise our agency and the caregiver for any additional instructions.
If the client is away from home for a short period of time due to hospitalization or vacation the caregiver will be available to resume work when the client returns. If the client is away for a prolonged period of time we try to continue with the same caregiver. However, if that caregiver is unavailable we will do our best to find another caregiver that fits the needs of our client.
In the event a caregiver calls in sick, our Staffing Manager will work to find you a substitute caregiver. In such a situation, we ask our caregivers to provide us with a 24-hours notice for non-emergency time-off. If the caregiver becomes ill during a live-in shift, he or she can call the office and we will arrange for a substitute as soon as possible. For scheduled time-off, we ask our caregivers to turn in requests for time-off at least two weeks in advance so we can provide adequate coverage for our clients. When choosing a substitute caregiver, we first ask any caregivers the client may have had before and liked. We will find a caregiver who can fulfill your needs and work during the designated time.
It usually takes one to three days for the caregiver and client to become adjusted to the new situation. It can be a big adjustment for our clients, especially if it is their first time having homecare assistance. Typically they do not know what to expect of a caregiver and may be hesitant to ask for assistance even when they need it. In such cases, we encourage you to be open and ask any questions about what kind of assistance our caregivers can provide. Our caregivers will do everything they can to make sure you live in a safe and comfortable environment.
Our clients always have the option to change caregiver should they find him or her incompatible. If you are happy with the caregiver but just have some minor issues, we can talk to the caregiver in question and address any areas of concern. That is one of the advantages of working with Chosen Family Home Care; we will coordinate changes and mediate the situation for you.
Absolutely! The inability to drive is a serious barrier that significantly affects the lifestyle of the elderly. Mobility is necessary to obtain medical care as well as to fulfill social needs such as visiting friends and relatives, and attending various activities that include going to the grocery store, the library, or even to the mall for shopping or a movie. Many seniors, who do not drive, rely on family and friends to provide transportation. If you are no longer able to drive, our bonded and insured caregivers provide safe and reliable door-to-door service with personal assistance.