Home care agencies that pay employees referral bonuses

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Home care agencies that pay employees referral bonuses

Would you like to find a home care agency that offers great employee referral bonuses? Look no further than our guide to home care agencies offering referral bonuses to current caregivers and home health aides in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Plus, get insight on what other ways home care agencies set themselves apart, including with sign on bonuses, high pay, or weekly compensation. 

Finding and recruiting caregiver candidates is one of the most difficult challenges recruiters at home care agencies face. The best home care agencies recognize that they don’t have to go about it alone. They have an entire team of caregivers who know great candidates within their personal and professional networks they can help access.  The best home care agencies know that it takes is a little encouragement and incentive to get caregiver referrals to their agency.

That’s where caregiver referral bonuses come in. We discuss exactly what a referral bonus is, why companies use them, and outline the home care agencies that pay their employees for valuable caregiver referrals. 

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What is a caregiver employee referral bonus?

A referral bonus is when a company, like a home care agency, pays a current employee money or perks for recruiting a new employee to the organization. This is known as an employee referral bonus. This is popular across many organizations because it can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to find and recruit great employees and job candidates. In particular, this is true for recruiting and hiring caregivers such as homemakers, personal care aides, home health aides, and direct care workers. This is because caregivers are in high demand and the demand continues to increase as Americans get older. Home care agencies like it because it can help to fill positions quicker and with lower costs, even after paying the referral fees.

Home care agencies approach employee and caregiver referral bonuses in different ways. Therefore, they may offer bonuses at different points in the hiring or recruiting stage. As an example, some may choose to give a smaller bonus for a candidate who interviews, and larger payments when a referred candidate is hired. Generally, these larger payments are usually given for newly hired caregivers that stay with the company for a certain period of time. This is generally for between 30 days and six months after hire. Some organizations will even reward both the new hire and the referrer. 

Types of Caregiver Employee Referral Bonuses

paid referrals for home care agency employees

Cash payments and incentives are the most common type of referral bonus offered by home care agencies. However, they aren’t the only way to reward caregiver referrals. Other bonuses might include:

  • Trips, gift certificates, or gift cards
  • Paid time off bonuses
  • Caregiver recognition
  • Use of other perks

As you can see, caregiver bonuses can vary by each home care agency that provides them. The best home care agencies will pay any caregiver bonuses consistently, regularly, and as per their own protocol. 

What entails a referral bonus?

What each home care agency considers as a referral bonus may vary. However, they tend to follow similar criteria:

Caregivers and employees that are referred to the agency must stay with the company for an established period of time

To prevent abuse of the system, many home care agencies create their caregiver and employee referral bonuses to reward qualified applicants who get hired and stay with the company for at least one month. Some home health companies may offer larger bonuses to those who stay on longer. Plus, some home care assistance companies might even break up paid bonuses when different milestones are reached. For example, one bonus could be paid upon caregiver hire and then again after 45 days of employment.

Caregiver employees that are referred must be permanently hired positions at the home care agency

If a home care agency hires temporary or seasonal caregivers, they will most likely not offer this bonus. Caregivers usually must be permanent positions to be eligible for bonus payout. 

The caregiver referred should be new to the agency

Under different employee referral structures, caregivers that refer employees to be promoted to a new position won’t be eligible for a referral bonus. Other examples include rehiring former caregivers and those individuals that have already applied for a position usually aren’t eligible, either.

Staff in HR or recruiting aren’t eligible for caregiver bonus referrals

Generally speaking, executives, human resources workers, or other individuals who may influence or take part in any of the recruitment process or hiring decisions won’t be eligible for a referral bonus.

What home care agencies pay employees and caregivers referral bonuses?

philadelphia reading allentown scranton home care agency

Chosen Family Home Care pays their staff members referral bonuses of $300 for every qualified referral.

The employee making the referral will get $100 when the referred caregiver completes their first day. They will then get an additional $100 after the referred caregiver completes 30 days of employment, and then another $100 after 60 days of employment. That totals $300 for the referring employee.

Reasons for caregivers to work at Chosen Family Home Care

There are many reasons that we feel we are the best home care agency to work for throughout all of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as the surrounding areas. We also service Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Scranton areas of Pennsylvania. 

  • Each employee will earn an average of $13.75 per hour. Even if you have no experience, Chosen Family Home Care will make sure that you not only have the tools to be successful but that you will also be paid an average of $13.75 per hour. 
  • 5 paid days of vacation after one year of service. Get 5 paid days off after your first year of service as a full-time employee!
  • Flexible schedule. We understand you have commitments outside of your job. Whether you work full or part time, Chosen Family Home Care works diligently to accommodate your schedule.
  • Professional growth. We provide paid training monthly to all caregivers and home health aides.
  • No Long Commutes. We work to match caregivers with a nearby client as much as possible.
  • Weekly pay. No waiting around or wondering when you will get paid as a caregiver with a once a week pay schedule. 

How to guide for Chosen Family Home Care employee referrals

How do I make a caregiver referral

You can make a referral as a currently employed caregiver or employee of Chosen Family Home Care. For inquiries, contact 267.457.4122 or email info@chosenfamilyhomecare.com

Why would I want to make a caregiver referral? 

Filling vacant, hard-to-fill caregiver positions is essential in helping Chosen Family Home Care serve its mission and Philadelphia area residents in need. Your referrals play a vital role in our ability to provide top quality home care in our communities. To assist in fulfilling our Mission, Chosen Family Home Care will offer a $300 referral bonus to qualified caregivers who successfully refer candidates for employment in eligible positions. We welcome and encourage our caregivers to refer their colleagues for any and all available positions. If the referred candidate is hired into an eligible position, you will receive your referral bonus based on the timetable mentioned above. 

Who can make a referral? 

All Chosen Family Home Care caregivers are encouraged to refer colleagues regardless of their employment status.

The following individuals are excluded from receiving referral bonus awards:  

  • Contractors working for Chosen Family Home Care (not on Chosen Family Home Care payroll).
  • Caregivers in Human Resources. 
  • Individuals with a supervisory role above the hired position.  Any caregiver in a director-level or higher position.  
  • Division chiefs and medical directors. 

Who is not eligible to be referred?  

  • Candidates already known to Chosen Family Home Care recruitment teams.
  • Current Chosen Family Home Care caregivers  are not valid referrals.
  • Persons affiliated with Chosen Family Home Care through temporary/contract assignment, or educational student placement.
  • Former caregivers who have left Chosen Family Home Care within the past 12 months.
  • Candidates with profiles within the applicant tracking system who have applied for a position within the past 12 months.

senior caregiver referral

How well do I have to know the person who is being referred? 

To submit a referral, Chosen Family Home Care caregivers need to provide a first name, last name, valid email and phone number. You are highly encouraged to also provide a current resume for the person whom you are referring.

How do I know if my caregiver referral was accepted? 

Please watch for a confirmation email in your Chosen Family Home Care inbox.

If my referral results in a hire, will I be paid a bonus?

All externally open positions are eligible for caregivers to submit referrals. The max referral bonus amount is $300. Referrals must meet all criteria mentioned here. 

How long before I can receive payment? 

Once your referred candidate completes their first day of employment in a bonus eligible position, your $100 payment will be added with your next paycheck. An additional $100 will be paid out after the referred caregiver completes their first 30 days and then subsequent 30 days. That totals $300 if the candidate stays for a minimum of 60 days of employment. 

How do I receive the payment? 

Referral bonus payments will be processed during weekly payroll and will be visible as a line item on paystubs after the referred candidate completed each successful benchmark (one day, 30 day, and 60 days of employment).

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make? 

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit. 

Can another caregiver submit my same referral? 

The referral program prevents duplicate submissions and will be assigned to the caregiver who provides the referral through the system first. 

Will the caregiver bonus be taxed?

Your bonus will be subject to applicable taxes. 

Can I refer a current caregiver? 

We encourage you to share openings with your colleagues, but current caregivers are not eligible to be referred. 

What if I make a referral and leave Chosen Family Home Care? 

Referral bonus payments will be processed with the weekly payroll. A caregiver who is no longer employed by Chosen Family Home Care at the time of referral bonus payout will be ineligible for the bonus payment. The referred candidate is still eligible to be hired.

What if my caregiver referral is not selected? 

The reasons a referral does not result in a hire remain strictly confidential.

Are there any other bonuses I may be eligible for? 

The Chosen Family Home Care difference

Chosen Family Home Care is a provider of senior caregiving support for a variety of individuals in need across Philadelphia. In addition, we also serve Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Scranton, PA. Please feel free to contact us for more information or check out our careers page.

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