ffAre you interested in being a caregiver in Pennsylvania? Learn about caregiver responsibilities. Plus, find out if caregiver certification such as a Home Health Aide or Certified Nurse Aide is a requirement in Pennsylvania. We discuss how certification can expand one's job responsibilities and enhance their careers. Finally, we talk about where caregivers can work in and around Philadelphia.

Caregiver stress and burden (also known as caregiver burnout) can be characterized by mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion. It generally stems from a person neglecting their own emotional or physical health because they are focused on providing caregiving support for an ill, injured or disabled loved one. We discuss practices for family caregivers to fight off caregiver burden and stress and tips to overcome it.

Our guide helps you understand what private duty home care, or private pay home care, is. Plus, we go into detail about other caregiver questions and answers you may have such as costs and coverage options in this comprehensive guide.

When a senior loved one needs help at home, some families may be surprised as they start professional caregiving services. Families may find it more difficult than expected. Alternatively, there were things that they didn't prepare for. Home care services for senior loved ones can be a great way to give them the support they need. It can help them remain at home and stay independent. Learn how to overcome obstacles and other things that families wish they had known before starting home care agency services.

Are you on the Pennsylvania Medicaid Waiver plan or considering selecting an insurance plan for Community HealthChoices? For Home and Community Based Services, read more for our comparison guide between Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness, and UPMC in greater Philadelphia.   For seniors and disabled adults,...

In this article we discuss long term care insurance, including how it works and how it can be used to pay for expenses such as home care for seniors. Plus, we give resources for how to use your long term care insurance benefits as well as more resources for you right here in and around Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania.

Are you looking for a search tool and list of approved providers that accept the Community HealthChoices Medicaid waiver in Pennsylvania? From home care agencies to doctors, we’ve created a guide for you to look them up and find them all here with CHC healthcare plan providers with UPMC, Keystone First, and PA Health and Wellness insurance.
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Our comprehensive guide walks you through registering and enrolling into Pennsylvania’s Medicaid waiver program. The program helps cover home health care and senior personal care, among other things for older adults.