It’s easy to take for granted activities of daily living like bathing when you are an active and healthy adult. If you or a loved one has lost mobility and function with age, you will realize the challenges that come with bathing. You also may...

Consider the different titles below for caregiver support and advice. These books are valuable to family members that provide support to senior and disabled loved ones. They also help caregivers find perspective and maybe even some humor in the face of caregiving challenges. The selections below include memoirs, self help, and resources for providing specialized care such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

An epidemic of loneliness and isolation among seniors was here long before COVID-19. However, social distancing, greater vulnerabilities to the virus, and stay-at-home orders have made it even worse for older adults. Read about 6 new and innovative technologies for older adults to fight social isolation in the elderly as well as other simple steps that families and loved ones can do to combat loneliness and support mental health.

Interested in working for a home care agency that offers weekly pay to employees? Look no further than our guide to home care agencies offering weekly pay to caregivers and home health aides in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Plus, get insight on what other ways home care agencies set themselves apart, including with sign on bonuses and with high pay.