Licensed Home Care Agency Near Me in Philadelphia: A Guide

Licensed Home Care Agency

Licensed Home Care Agency Near Me in Philadelphia: A Guide

Are you a resident of the Philadelphia area or suburban counties and looking for a licensed home care agency nearby? Read on to learn how to find a licensed homecare agency near me today! That includes local agencies that serve Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware counties such as Chosen Family Home Care.

Across Philadelphia, there are hundreds of home care agencies that provide home care assistance to seniors and disabled adults across greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, it is important to find home care agencies in Philly that are licensed. This guide helps you locate the list of home care agencies that exist across the Philly region who are in fact licensed.

Who licenses home care agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Home care agencies are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania by the PA Department of Health. Home care agencies in Philadelphia that are licensed by the state of PA are done initially and then must be renewed each and every year by the licensed and registered home care agency.

Who registers home care agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Home care agencies that are registered in Philadelphia are just another word for saying that the agency is licensed. However, if you are wondering about a home care registry, then those are also registered by the department of health in PA.

Is a home care license different from a home care accreditation?

Yes, a home care license, such as one obtained by Chosen Family Home Care, is different than a home care accreditation in Philadlephia. For example, Licensure is provided by a governmental authority (in this case the PA Department of Health) and includes some critieria that the homecare agency must reach to get the license. Accreditation is how facilities show their level of quality and commitment to being the best at what they do. For example, accreditations in home care might be done by one of the three accrediting bodies listed here. Those include the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc., the Community Health Accreditation Program, and the Joint Commission.

Does a home care license mean that the home care agency is a good agency?

Not necessarily. A license does allow the home care agency to operate legally in the state of PA as a home care company. But it does not mean that the agency is a quality agency in Philadelphia. Chosen Family Home Care backs up their home care license by its committment to quality. This can be seen in our reviews as well as our accreditations.

Should I check and make sure that an agency I want to work with is licensed?

Definitely. A home care agency should not be operating without a PA state license. However, some agencies have been found to be operating without a license. Chosen Family Home Care, for example, is licensed, bonded, insured, and accredited in Pennsylvania as a home care agency.


Where can I search to see if my home care agency is licensed?

You can look up an agency’s home care licensing as well as any surveys at this website. Just go ahead and select “home care” for type of facility you are looking for. You can look up home care agencies in Philadelphia by the city, county, or with other search criteria.


What is the best licensed home care agency in Philadelphia?

Chosen Family Home Care is the best home care agency in Philadelphia. Don’t take our word for you, you can check out all of our reviews and client testimonials on Google. You can contact Chosen Family Home Care by text at 267.457.4122 or call at anytime. Also, you can contact us online or email us at


Is Chosen Family Home Care a licensed home care agency that serves all of greater Philadelphia?

Chosen Family Home Care serves Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania.

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