List of Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia

Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia physician certification

List of Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia

Are you in need of a home care agency or caregiving support but don’t know where to begin youfr search? Alternatively, maybe you’re overwhelmed or confused by the home care agencies out there and need some direction. We will help you find a list of home care agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and caregivers with our search tools and provider search options below.f

There are hundreds of home care agencies that provide home care assistance to seniors and disabled adults across greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This guide helps you locate the list of home care agencies that exist across the Philly region. 

What kind of services do these home care agencies provide?  


Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia

Find a home care agency near me today.


All of these home care agencies provide caregiving support and personal care services. Others may offer skilled home care services (in the form of nurses and/or therapists) in addition to non-medical home care services provided by caregivers and home health aides. For example, Chosen Family Home Care and other home care agencies in Philadelphia offer a variety of caregiving support services, including:

  • Friendly Senior Companionship & Conversation
  • Bathing, Dressing & Grooming Assistance
  • Light Housekeeping, Transportation & Errands
  • Meal Prep and Meal Planning for the Elderly
  • Medication Reminders & Glucose Monitoring
  • Senior Toileting & Incontinence Care
  • Ambulation Support & Transfer Assistance
  • Exercise and Activity Promotion


What types of workers offer caregiver services?

For many seniors, individuals will have caregivers whose main responsibilities are to provide personal care, companionship, and other areas of supportive home care. Some senior home care agency caregivers provided enhanced but limited medical services. This includes home health aides

Home health aides can help with some medical tasks like performing vital signs and assisting with rehabilitative exercises. A certified nurse aide, or CNA, will have comparable functions. As a general rule, the more advanced a caregiver’s background and capabilities, the more expensive the senior home care provided will be. Examples of caregiving workers include:


How much does home care support cost?

Home care for a loved one can be a major expense for families of seniors and disabled adults. We detail the cost of home care in our associated guide, How Much Does Home Care Cost in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Plus, we help families find ways to maximize the value of home care and keep costs low. At Chosen Family Home Care, we work to help you get the most out of your caregiver support services on any budget. 

What about finding a home care agency for family caregivers in Pennsylvania?

Some programs, including that of Community HealthChoices Medicaid waiver as well as the Veterans Affairs caregiver assistance program allow family caregivers to be hired and paid to care for loved ones. For these caregivers the choice is clear. Only Chosen Family Home Care has the top paying home care agency in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania guarantee.

Chosen Family Home Care offers:

  • $15 per hour on average, guaranteed
  • Weekly pay
  • Many other benefits including paid time off, vacation pay, 401k retirement plan, and others

Do I need to find a home care agency near my home or that of a senior loved one? 


find home care agencies in philadelphia home care agencies near me


Generally no. Because of the remote nature of providing home care, home care agencies may often offer services throughout multiple counties. Many home care agencies that provide home health aides and caregivers around Philadelphia, PA will serve the five county Pennsylvania region: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. 

For example, Chosen Family Home Care is based in central Philadelphia but services all of the 5 Philadelphia-area counties. They are geographically very central to offer easy senior home care assistance across the Philadelphia region. Plus, they are on the list of home health companies in Pennsylvania that can and do provide caregiver services statewide.

That being said, you should still confirm with the home care agency that you are considering working with that they have a strong presence of caregivers and home health aides in the region you are based in. This makes it easier to obtain caregiver coverage for a senior or disabled loved one, including for scheduling. Also, in urgent cases, like when a caregiver is sick and cannot report to work, having a presence of caregivers in the region can help make getting emergency or backup caregiver coverage much easier. 

Find a list of home care agency providers near me

There are a variety of ways that one could find a list of local home care agencies. We will go through different search options you may encounter online. Pros and cons of each search tool may also be mentioned. 

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How do you choose a home care agency from a list?

Finding the right home care agency might not be as easy as you think. A quality home care agency, such as Chosen Family Home Care, will work with seniors and family loved ones to assess the needs of both the client and the family. 

Through a formal assessment or evaluation, a home care assistance provider can appropriately match a caregiver based on both experience and personality. Generally, the caregiver will be assigned after an initial meeting. The goals are for hired caregivers to help satisfy the medical, emotional, and support needs of the disabled or senior client. Many hired caregivers and home health aides have experience and training to be suited in their roles. 

What areas of Philadelphia have home care agencies?

You can find home care agencies across many Philadelphia neighborhoods

  • Home care agencies in fishtown
  • Home care agencies in northeast Philadelphia
  • Home care agencies in south Philadelphia
  • Home care agencies in west Philadelphia
  • Home care agencies in center city Philadelphia
  • Home care agencies in Allegheny
  • Home care agencies in Nicetown-Tioga
  • Home care agencies in Kensington
  • Home care agencies in Port Richmond
  • Home care agencies in Germantown
  • Home care agencies in Mount Airy
  • Home care agencies in Roxborough and Manayunk
  • Home care agencies in Olney and Oak Lane


Things to look for when hiring a home care agency

There are so many things to consider when hiring a caregiver through a home care agency. However, at least make sure that some of the basics of the home care agency are taken care of. 

At a minimum, make sure that the senior care provider:

  • Is Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Has a certification to run a home care agency in the state of PA
  • That they provide thorough training and support for their caregivers
  • Performs background checks on all home health aides and support staff
  • Provides care management and adequate supervision of caregivers
  • Works to screen caregivers for compatibility with families and senior loved ones


list of home care agencies near me

Home care agencies near me that offer supportive senior caregivers.

Premier local home care agency whether you are in need of care or you’re a caregiver

Chosen Family Home Care, for example, takes all of the above items very seriously when it comes to being the top home care assistance provider for seniors in greater Philadelphia. In addition to ensuring adequate licensure, background checks, and meeting other state requirements, Chosen Family Home Care works to excel in the other areas referenced. 

For example, Chosen Family Home Care works to recruit the best caregivers and home health aides in all of Philadelphia by being the top paying home care agency in the region. There is generally a shortage of qualified home care workers and caregivers in the region. By being the top paying home care agency, we make it easier to staff our caregiver positions. Even more importantly, it allows us to recruit and hire caregivers with experience and compassion to excel in their roles. 


Home care agency search tools

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all search tool to finding all of the right home care agencies that fit your needs. That being said, we break down different home care assistance providers through several different search tools. The first few options are based on insurance. Then, we list a few other options for searching the right home care agencies that you may find helpful. 

Veterans Affairs

There is a caregiver program that the VA provides to eligible recipients. It can provide home care assistance through third party caregivers. Plus, eligible VA programs can even pay family caregivers to provide support to a loved one. 

To start your search for home care support, navigate here. Put in your zip code, select “community providers,” and type in “In home supportive care” under the “service type” option. Upon your search, the VA provider tool will return a list of home care agencies based on their distance from your zip code. 


finding the best home care agencies in philadelphia

Medicaid waiver providers

Long term living provider list

This list is a full guide for every approved service provider under the Office of Long Term Living (OLTL). It shows providers across the state of Pennsylvania and is separated by county. This list is very comprehensive, as it shows more than just approved home care agencies. It also provides Medicaid waiver approved providers including service coordination, counseling, and physical therapy, among others.

While it is a very comprehensive list, it is not sortable. It is separated by county, but this still makes it tough to distinguish between each home care agency

Home care assistance providers by health plan

If you already have a managed care organization health plan through Medicaid waiver, this can be an easier way to search for your provider. The managed care providers through Medicaid waiver are under Community HealthChoices. They include UPMC, Keystone First, and PA Health and Wellness. 

Keystone First

Main search and landing page for provider searches

Home Care Agencies: Keep in mind that Chosen Family Home Care is also a proud home care partner of Keystone First. Chosen Family Home Care can serve Keystone First participants across Philadelphia, PA. Plus, we hire family caregivers as well that get paid to care for their loved ones. 

PA Health and Wellness

Main search and landing page for finding PA Health and Wellness participating providers

Home care services: Click the link to find all of the PA Health and Wellness providers that offer home care for participants. Please note, they refer to it by an alternate name here (in home supportive care), but it means the same thing. Also, as you’ll see, the website doesn’t have the same functionality as Keystone First. Therefore, you cannot click the link directly to provider search results.



home care agencies that accept medicaid waiver


Main landing page for UPMC CHC waiver provider searches.

Home care services: Click here for home care providers within 20 miles of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you’re in need of a quality home care provider, Chosen Family Home Care is a provider of personal assistance services both in Philadelphia as well as Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties of Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Homecare Association search tool

The Pennsylvania Homecare Association is a state trade association. They represent hundreds of organizations that provide support and care to individuals in their own homes. Members of the PHA provide medical care, physical, speech or occupational therapy. Many also provide personal care, such as assistance with activities of daily living like meal preparation and bathing, and end-of-life care for people with terminal illnesses. 

The PHA search tool only searches for home care agencies that are a part of the homecare association. That being said, there are many good home care assistance providers that are a part of the organization. Use the PHA provider search tool here. 


You may be surprised that google in this case isn’t always the best option. However, when using, we recommend using a search like “home care agencies near me,” or “home care agency (insert zip code).” The variety of results, including paid placements, can be a bit confusing. Among the top 50 search results in Philadelphia on Google for home care agencies near me in Philadelphia, you will find the following home health companies and caregiver agencies. These are in addition to Chosen Family Home Care that are not paid placements and the list is current as of February 8, 2021:

  • Chosen Family Home Care
  • Ameribest Home Care
  • My All American Care
  • Synergy Home Care
  • Angels On Call
  • Prestige Home Care
  • Visiting Angels
  • Aurora At Home
  • Home Care of Philadelphia
  • Pristine Home Care
  • Prestige Home Care
  • Affordable Home Care Agency
  • Forever Young PA
  • Center City Home Care
  • A Team PA
  • 5 Star Home Care
  • Alliance Agency
  • Patriot Home Care
  • Reliance Homecare Agency
  • Right Aid Home Care Agency
  • Liberty At Home
  • America Home Healthcare
  • Right At Home
  • Delia Maria Home Care
  • Home Care Assistance
  • Blessings4ever
  • Neighborly Home Care
  • Home Instead
  • Complete Homecare PA
  • Better Home Care

Of all of the home care agencies listed above that are found on when searching “home care agencies near me in Philadelphia,” only Chosen Family Home Care publicly offering $15 an hour in pay for all of its caregivers. That makes Chosen Family Home Care the top paying home care agency in Philadelphia. For family caregivers, this means a living wage. For those that need a hired third party caregivers, that means that we have the ability to recruit and hire the best caregivers throughout all of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ultimately, that means that we can provide better care for our seniors and disabled individuals in need. Find out more of what we offer our high-quality and compassionate caregivers on our careers page.

Other search options

Unfortunately, many other search tools you’ll find on the internet are sponsored searches. That means that the list of home care agencies that are featured are displayed because those listings were paid for by the home health and home care agencies. Granted, there is nothing wrong with this, but it is important for those searching to be aware. The list of search options include:

  • Care pathways

As mentioned, these are potential search tools but we don’t recommend the use of home care agency sponsored search options such as these. Overall, this is because they are only paid placements listed, or they highlight agencies that pay for direct marketing.  

Comparing home care agencies and other options

When you are one of the millions of Americans that prefers to reside in their own home, then it may be time to consider a future with a supportive caregiver helping a senior loved one at home. If you’re still not sure about the type of care and home care services you or your loved one might need, a highly skilled and experienced Chosen Family Home Care representative can answer your questions and develop a tailored care plan to best fit your needs. Please call or text Chosen Family Home Care today at 267.457.4122 or send us a message online for more information. Our caring staff is available every day. We look forward to serving you or your family.


More caregiver and resources for home care near me in Philadelphia


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