Local Philadelphia Stores Offer Seniors Only Hours Amid Pandemic

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Local Philadelphia Stores Offer Seniors Only Hours Amid Pandemic


Supermarkets are working overtime to restock shelves and calm anxious shoppers. Some stores are taking steps to protect older and vulnerable customers who are at greatest risk from the coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic has killed over 6,500 people worldwide. Officials around the world are taking dramatic steps to limit large groups and encourage “social distancing” in hopes of limiting the disease’s spread. 

Dedicated senior store hours

Several national and regional chains have decided to assign specific hours to seniors, usually the first hour of the day. The change has been prompted by an unprecedented demand in supermarkets over the past week. 

This has seen many elderly and vulnerable people in Philadelphia missing out on vital items they may need when they shop. That is what has inspired stores to make these changes. 

Dollar General 

Dollar General is one such brand that announced this week its stores would dedicate their first hour of operations to at-risk customers. It has started as of Tuesday, March 17 with no end date as of now. 

Dollar General, like many other grocery stores, have announced altered or reduced hours to provide the chance for stores to replenish depleted supplies and food as well. In Dollar General’s case, that means closing an hour early to facilitate replenishment. 

Nationally, several regional grocery store chains have implemented similar measures of senior-only store hours, and that may continue. 

Is it a good idea?

As health and government officials continue to recommend social distancing, not everyone feels that offering a senior hour is the safest option.

Some grocery stores have pointed out that they are focusing on better options to help vulnerable populations get the items they need, including using curbside and home delivery. Therefore, while well-intentioned, the safest option is still to minimize human and public contact. 

Our verdict

Seniors and those at greatest risk should work to limit exposure to other individuals as much as possible for the time being. When available, elders could seek the assistance of family members or neighbors to aid in buying groceries and other essentials. Using paid services like home care or housekeepers is another option.

Additionally, the rise of online delivery or curbside delivery of goods is another great way for seniors to stick to the recommendations of the CDC in minimizing contact and therefore viral risk. However, these options may not always be available, so the opportunity to allow seniors to shop before the general public is still a great consideration for elders

Considering home care assistance

Another great option for seniors is the use of home care and their caregivers. They can help with assistance such as running errands and cooking. Compassionate caregivers and home health aides at Chosen Family Home Care can retrieve groceries and cook plus general housekeeping tasks. Call Chosen Family today to learn how we can help during these challenging times.

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