Mental Health and Wellbeing


At Chosen Family, we believe that mental health is closely tied to physical health. Even the smallest changes can positively impact a person’s quality of life.


Some ways that Chosen Family caregivers can help support overall mental health and well being include:


● Increased socialization provided by our companionship services
● Enhanced personal connections through a caregiver matching program
● A healthy and balanced diet though caregiver meal preparation while keeping client preferences and needs in mind while monitoring for adequate water intake
● Monitoring sleep patterns and promoting routine and consistency in sleep
● Promoting physical activity and movement, when possible
● Encouraging and participating in hobbies and activities that your loved one takes an interest in


In-home care, like the services provided by Chosen Family, combine the benefits of staying at home with the care and attention that focuses on the individual’s overall mind, body, nutrition, and safety, along with the connection between them.


Caregivers work with our clients to inspire engagement, accomplishment, stimulation, and overall fun to help them thrive in the community and remain independent for as long as possible.