What Home Care Agencies Accept Medicaid?

Home Care Agencies

What Home Care Agencies Accept Medicaid?

Are you looking for a home care agency in Philadelphia that accepts Medicaid? We have comprehensive information on local Philadelphia, PA home care agencies that take Medicaid right here. This includes home health aide agencies that accept Community HealthChoices, Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness, and UPMC.


There are many home care agencies that are located across the state of Pennsylvania. Right here in Philadelphia, a variety of agencies are available and open that take Medicaid. That is in addition to other home care agencies who might accept private pay, credit cards, or long term care insurance as payment here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Do Medicaid Home Care Agencies Charge Fees?

The cost of home health aide and caregiver programs in Philadelphia vary from one individual to the next, depending on what you have for insurance and what one’s plan covers. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, some or all of the cost of services from home health aide in Philadelphia caregiver services should be covered. If one is under a Medicaid waiver program, also known as Community Health Choices, you will be assigned a health plan such as Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness, or UPMC in the state of Pennsylvania. For those individuals, the cost of home care should be covered in full by the health plan in question.

Can a family member get hired and paid to care for a loved one?

Yes, the Medicaid waiver program does allow family caregivers in many situations to be cared for loved ones. Some family relationships include:

-A sibling (brother/sister) can get paid to care for another sibling (brother/sister)
-A parent (mother/father) can get paid to care for an adult child (18 or older)under Medicaid waiver
-A girlfriend/boyfriend can get paid to care for their girlfriend/boyfriend
-A child (son/daughter) can get paid to care for their parent (mother/father)
-A grandchild can get paid to care for their grandparents
-A family member can get paid to care for other family members including cousins, aunts, uncles, and other relatives

Family relationships that are specifically excluded from being paid to care for family members under the Medicaid program include
-A spouse cannot get paid to care for their spouse. For example, a husband cannot get paid to care for their wife, and a wife cannot get paid to care for their husband.

As you can see, in most cases, family members can get paid to care for their relatives or friends in a variety of circumstances. This is a great benefit of the Medicaid waiver program.
I am not currently on Medicaid or Medicaid Waiver, how do I start the process of getting approved for Medicaid?

For those not on Medicaid, we have a comprehensive guide that helps clients, caregivers, and their loved ones so they can try and qualify for Medicaid Waiver services. You can find that guide here. We are also glad to help assist you! You can email or call us at 267.457.4122.

Where Can I Find a Home Care Agency Near Me or a Home Health Aide Agency Near me?


look for home care agencies that pay high


One of the best ways to find a reputable home care agency or home health aide agency near me is by asking for recommendations from trusted community sources. Another option is to seek guidance, recommendations, or advice from your local Agency on Aging or through your local state Medicaid office. For example, the local Philadelphia Agency on Aging is PCA.

Please remember that if you are looking for home health care or home care through medicare or medicaid, make sure that you find a home health aide caregiver company in Philadelphia that accepts either or both insurances. In particular, if you are assigned to the Community HealthChoices waiver under Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness, or UPMC, make sure that your agency is approved and contracted with the health plan in question.

Chosen Family Home Care is located right in central Philadelphia, so a caregiver or home health aide is never too far away.

What Home Care Agencies Near Me Accept Medicaid?

We make finding home health aides near me that take Medicaid easy. As we mentioned, Medicaid clients in Philadelphia are a part of Community HealthChoices. This is the program that manages the Medicaid waiver program in Philadelphia.

Chosen Family Home Care is a 5 star rated and certified agency located in Philadelphia, PA. We not only are the best agency in the 5 county Philadelphia region, but we are also the highest paying agency. We offer our caregivers, including family caregivers, top home health aide pay at $15 per hour on average.

I have Community HealthChoices. What Home Care Agencies Near Me Accept Community HealthChoices Medicaid Waiver?

Community HealthChoices is the program under which Medicaid pays for home health aides and caregivers. This also includes paid family caregivers that care for their family. Under Community HealthChoices, an individual will be assigned to one of three health plans. These are also called managed care organizations. In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, those fall under three plans. In Philadelphia, PA, those three managed care plans under Community HealthChoices include the following: PA Health and Wellness, UPMC, and Keystone First Community HealthChoices. Keystone First Community HealthChoices is called Amerihealth Caritas outside of the Philadelphia, PA region.

What Home Care Agencies Near Me Accept Keystone First Community HealthChoices Medicaid Waiver?


how to get approved for home care and get paid to care for a loved one medicaid pennsylvania


To find out which home health aide agencies take Keystone First Community HealthChoices, the best place to look is the Keystone First provider search website. To find a home care agency, simply click on “Places by type” and then type in “home care agency.”

Fortunately, Chosen Family Home Care is a preferred provider of Keystone First Community HealthChoices for home care agencies. We serve clients and family caregivers across all of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the surrounding counties.

What Home Care Agencies Near Me Accept PA Health and Wellness Medicaid Waiver?

To find out which home health aide agencies take PA Health and Wellness Community HealthChoices, the best place to look is the PA Health and Wellness provider search. To find a home care agency, start by putting in your location.

Then, select the current year. The network is then selected. In this case, the network is “PA LTSS.” Click to proceed, and then click on “Long term services and support.”

Finally, select “Home and community based services” and then select “In home supportive care” and then click “Search.”

Once again, Chosen Family Home Care is a preferred provider at PA Health and Wellness. Make your search easy by choosing the best home care agency in Philadelphia. Call us at 267.457.4122 to get started or make the switch to our agency today.

Why is Chosen Family Home Care the right home health aide agency for me in Philadelphia?

Chosen Family Home Care is a home health aide agency based in central Philadelphia that provides home health aides to local seniors or disabled adults in need. Chosen Family Home Care serves the following counties both in and outside of Philadelphia: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and of course Philadelphia county. Chosen Family Home Care accepts all major Medicaid health plans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including UPMC, Keystone First, and PA Health and Wellness.

Is Chosen Family Home Care A Philadelphia Home Care Agency That Pays High?

Yes, Chosen Family Home Care is the only home care agency in all of Philadelphia county that provides a $15 an hour average for all of its caregivers. Not to mention that, the Philadelphia home care agency that accepts Medicaid (Chosen Family Home Care) offers a variety of other benefits:

-Weekly pay
-Paid vacation and time off
-Healthcare coverage options
-Allowed overtime
-Free CNA training for eligible caregivers!

Does Chosen Family Home Care offer caregiver training or home health aide training?

Yes. Chosen Family Home Care does offer free and paid caregiver training for home health aides. In fact, some of our caregivers even qualify for free CNA training to be nursing assistants! This is done through our partner program at CareBridge Academy.

How can I get started by either starting home health aide services with Chosen Family Home Care or by switching agencies to them?

It’s easy! Get started right away by just calling or texting Chosen Family Home Care at 267.457.4122 or emailing us at info@chosenfamilyhomecare.com.

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