What Home Care Agencies Accept PA Health and Wellness Home Care Plan in Philadelphia, PA?

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What Home Care Agencies Accept PA Health and Wellness Home Care Plan in Philadelphia, PA?

Are you new to Community HealthChoices in Philadelphia, PA or a current client looking to find a home care agency provider near you? Is your Philadelphia area Medicaid plan through PA Health and Wellness? Read our guide below to find out which home care agencies and home health aide providers take PA Health and Wellness under Community HealthChoices.


There are many home care agencies that are located across the city of Philadelphia here in Pennsylvania. However, not all of them take Medicaid, Community HealthChoices, or PA Health and Wellness, which is a managed care organization insurance plan for individuals that are on Medicaid and receive home care services. Besides individuals that have PA Health and Wellness Community HealthChoices, other home care agencies and providers might accept private pay, credit cards, or long term care insurance as payment here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Do all home care agencies that take PA Health and Wellness Medicaid plans for home care services hire family caregivers in Philadelphia?


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It depends. Some agencies will hire family caregivers under the Medicaid waiver plan with PA Health and Wellness Community HealthChoices. Other agencies will not accept family caregivers as part of PA Health and Wellness for a client.


Does Chosen Family Home Care allow family caregivers to be hired and work under PA Health and Wellness for home care?


Yes, Chosen Family Home Care proudly hires family caregivers to be employed and care for friends, family, or loved ones. 


How much does Chosen Family Home Care pay per hour?


home health aides for philadelphia seniors pa health and wellness


Chosen Family Home Care pays $15 per hour for all of its PA Health and Wellness employed caregivers. The company also offers tons of other great benefits. They include weekly pay, time off and vacation, holiday pay, a 401k plan with company match, and a company sign on bonus.


What Home Care Agency Providers Take the PA Health and Wellness Insurance plan in Philadelphia?


Besides Chosen Family Home Care, you can find other agencies that will accept PA Health and Wellness. To find an agency that accepts PA Health and Wellness, use this link. Then, follow these steps below:


  1. Insert your address, and then proceed to the next page
  2. When you go to the next page and it asks for the network, select “PA LTSS.” LTSS refers to “Long term services and supports,” which is another name for Community HealthChoices PA Health and Wellness Medicaid waiver for home care services.
  3. Then, select “provider type/specialty” and choose “In home supportive care.”

Additionally, you can contact PA Health and Wellness Health Plan directly or visit their website to inquire about home care agencies that are in-network for their plan. Additionally, you can contact home care agencies in your area and inquire whether they accept PA Health and Wellness Health Plan. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their accepted insurance plans for home care services in your area.


What is the phone number for PA Health and Wellness?


If you would like to call PA Health and Wellness directly, their phone number is 1-844-626-6813. They can also help participants find a local home care agency provider that accepts their Community HealthChoices insurance plan.


What steps do I take if I have questions or want to sign up with Chosen Family Home Care provider?



If you have any additional questions about signing up for home care, enrolling into the Medicaid waiver program, or starting the process of being a family caregiver, call or text at at time to 267.457.4122.


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