What Home Care Agencies Pay Their Employees Weekly?

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What Home Care Agencies Pay Their Employees Weekly?

Interested in working for a home care agency that offers weekly pay to employees? Look no further than our guide to home care agencies offering weekly pay to caregivers and home health aides in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Plus, get insight on what other ways home care agencies set themselves apart, including with sign on bonuses and with high pay. 

Many caregivers and home health aides prioritize home care agencies that offer pay on a weekly basis. That is because no one wants to wait two weeks or more to get their paycheck. Even worse, some home care agencies are inconsistent in how often they offer paychecks to their employees. Some face delays in compensating their caregiving employees. We have seen reports around Philadelphia of caregivers waiting over 4 weeks to get their paychecks. 

The best home care agencies understand that this is not acceptable. Plus, they understand that their employees are essential workers and that their jobs are hard. It is crucial to treat staff members as family. They should also value their hard work and contributions to both their clients and to the company as a whole.

What are the employee benefits of weekly payroll?


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Talk to just about any hourly worker and they’ll tell you they’re in favor of weekly payroll. This is for good reason! There are a number of ways caregiver employees benefit from a weekly payroll structure in home care agencies, including:

  • Frequent paychecks for employees. Having a biweekly or monthly payroll schedule can put a financial strain on employees, including caregivers and home health aides. Getting paid cash-in-hand only once or twice a month can be challenging. With weekly paychecks, caregiving employees get a payday every week. This means that they have the cash-in-hand they need, when they need it. Some home care companies don’t pay their employees regularly or face delayed paychecks. This is in violation of the Department of Labor and Industry in the state of Pennsylvania
  • Consistency. Not only does the frequency of weekly payroll help caregiving employees, but so does the consistency too. Receiving a weekly paycheck ensures that caregiving employees can pay their bills regularly as they come in. It makes it easier to budget less frequent and consistent payroll options (like monthly or bi-weekly). 
  • Each paycheck received reflects an employee’s work week, including overtime. The hours an hourly caregiver employee works at a home care agency may vary week to week. As a result, the amount they get paid can vary each week. When a caregiver employee works overtime, they want compensation for that extra time worked quickly. With a weekly paycheck schedule, employees get paid in a timely fashion for the time they put into caregiving. This is better than having to wait for future pay dates to collect their overtime pay.


What caregiver and home health aide benefits should I be evaluating besides weekly paycheck schedules?


Weekly paychecks for caregivers is nice, but there is so much more than home health aides should be looking at. There are a number of ways caregivers and HHAs can make their professional and personal lives better with a great home health agency. Prioritize any home healthcare agencies that offer the following:

Great pay

You may have found the best job in the world but if you can’t make ends meet then it’s tough. As a result, be sure to focus your career search on the home care agencies that have the best pay in the industry. As you can see here, average caregiver and home health aide pay is $12.15 an hour. However, top paying agencies can offer much more than this. For example our guide to the top paying home health companies shows that the best in Philadelphia offer an average rate of $13.75 per hour, such as Chosen Family Home Care.

Sign on bonuses for new caregivers

Increasingly, home care and home health companies are offering a bonus or financial incentive for new employees. This is due to the lack of qualified caregivers in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and the high demand for home health aides that exists.

Keep in mind, many home care agencies say they offer a signing bonus. However, many of those aren’t actually sign on bonuses. Some might offer half the bonus up front and other half down the road. Others might only offer this bonus after a period of time, say 90. Plus, other home care agencies may offer this bonus but have a clause that you need to work for the company for a specified period of time. If you don’t you will risk having to pay it back. Luckily, Chosen Family Home Care pays this up front and there are no stipulations.

Ongoing employee training and development


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Home healthcare agencies that offer continued employee development and other opportunities to continue learning make the best companies. An employer’s training program will speak volumes about an organization. This is because the companies that invest in their employees in this way show they they are both committed to their success as well as that of their clients.

A healthy caregiver work/life balance

Some home healthcare agencies don’t make an effort to consider the caregiver’s own wants and needs as a person and employee. This means that you should find a home care agency that offers the time for employees to rest and recharge. Caregivers can step up when they need to with varying schedules and demands but they also need a break too. 

Paid holiday and time off of work

Employees that care for others and home health aides deserve to be able to take time off. When you inquire at a home care agency or home healthcare company, it’s important to consider those with paid time off as a benefit. Chosen Family Home Care offers 10 days paid time off for it’s full-time employees beginning after their first year of service. Perhaps you have your days accrued but can’t take them all off? No worries, you can even cash out your paid time off balance instead for cash! This is a great perk that very few home care agencies offer to their caregivers and home health aides.

Medical insurance coverage

Medical and healthcare insurance is a necessity for many caregivers and home health aides. However, some employees forget to take this into consideration when evaluating home care agencies and their benefits provided. For those that need it, be sure to ask your home healthcare employer the following questions:

  • What are the insurance plans available and what do they cover?
  • When am I eligible to receive medical insurance benefits?
  • How much will i have to pay for each available plan per month?

These are all very important questions that potential caregivers and home health aides should be asking. To begin, some home care agencies don’t offer any medical insurance at all. For those that do, the plans available, costs associated, and eligibility period can vary wildly. At Chosen Family Home Care, healthcare insurance is available to its full-time caregivers and employees starting after just 90 days.

Authorized overtime pay


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If you are working as a caregiver, consider home care agencies that authorize and pay overtime to their staff. Some home care agencies do not authorize or allow overtime. This is because employees make a higher hourly pay rate when they work more than 40 hours a week. This pay rate is 50 percent higher than their normal rate. This is set by the US Department of Labor and reinforced by the state of Pennsylvania. For example, if someone earns $10 an hour, after 40 hours worked in the same week, an employee is entitled to $15 an hour for hours worked in excess of 40.

Worse still, some home health agencies allow employees to work more than 40 hours per week but do not compensate them at the higher rate. This practice is not only unethical, it is also illegal. Make sure that home care agencies you consider working with will allow you to work overtime hours as is needed for your clients. Also, make sure that they are paying you the correct overtime caregiver pay amount which is 50 percent higher than your regular pay rate.

Opportunities for professional growth for staff

On occasion, home health aides end up leaving their roles as caregivers quite quickly. The employee turnover at different home healthcare agencies can vary widely. One of the main reasons? Lack of supervision and direct support for the caregivers on staff. Chosen Family Home Care provides regular supervision as well as a career path for those interested in furthering their healthcare careers. This is important because when caregivers feel supported, they are more likely to be happier and effective in their position.

For home health aides that have the tools to be successful, not only is the role more rewarding, but clients are happier too. As a result, the patient receiving care is likely to have better health outcomes. By getting regular employer support, a professional caregiver can have peace of mind in knowing that they have help in dealing with a variety of client situations that might come up.

Flexible staff schedules


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Caregivers may be able to work a variety of schedules. With all the commitments one may have, it’s important for home healthcare agencies to be flexible with their caregivers and HHAs. While this can be difficult for employers that are balancing an ever changing group of clients and schedules, it is important for employees. It demonstrates commitment to the employee as well to work with caregivers as much as possible and within reason. 

Less commuting, more caring

The best home healthcare agencies will make every effort to help match their caregivers to nearby clients. This can reduce the need for long commutes and make client care more accessible. 

Caregiver matching

Strong home care agencies will work to match their caregivers and clients as well. These features might be based on culture, personality, or other needs of the client and experience of the home health aide. While it’s not an exact science, home healthcare agencies that make this effort help not just the caregiver but the client as well. A well matched client and caregiver can make everyone happier and it makes the client relationship more likely to be a success. Plus, the patient care outcomes can improve as a result. 

Additional caregiver perks and benefits

Finally, think of other perks or benefits that a home care agency may be able to offer. These could vary from having a retirement plan available, a free occasional lunch, employee discounts, or life insurance. Also, do not discount the culture of a workplace as a happy and positive environment can make all the difference. Chosen Family Home Care provides many of these features we mentioned, as prides itself on its company culture that is inclusive, supportive, and fun. 

Which home care agency offers its caregiver employees weekly pay? 


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Chosen Family Home Care is one of the only home care agencies offering weekly pay in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a presence in Bucks county, Chester county, Delaware county, Montgomery county, and Philadelphia, Chosen Family Home Care has the ability to benefit caregivers throughout the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. 

With Chosen Family Home Care, you can have peace of mind by knowing that you will get a regular paycheck on each and every Friday. No waiting, no wondering, and cash in hand when you need it. 

Why Work For Chosen Family Home Care?


Chosen Family Home Care

Chosen Family Home Care Offers Weekly Pay


  • Each employee will earn an average of $13.75 per hour. Even if you have no experience, Chosen Family Home Care will make sure that you not only have the tools to be successful but that you will also be paid an average of $13.75 per hour
  • 5 paid days of vacation after one year of service. Get 10 paid days off after your first year of service as a full-time employee!
  • Flexible schedule. We understand you have commitments outside of your job. Whether you work full or part time, Chosen Family Home Care works diligently to accommodate your schedule.
  • Professional growth. We provide paid training monthly to all caregivers and home health aides.
  • No Long Commutes. We work to match caregivers with a nearby client as much as possible.
  • Weekly pay. No waiting around or wondering when you will get paid as a caregiver with a once a week pay schedule. 


Is caregiver training provided?

Yes. Chosen Family Home Care has its own training department. We work to make sure that caregivers and home health aides have all the tools they need to be successful. By providing the right foundation for caregivers to be successful, they will not only be better in their jobs, but they will also be happier caregiver employees. On top of that, clients will receive both better home care provided and also be happier clients as well. It’s a win-win situation for caregivers, clients, and the home care agency alike. 

Are there any other caregiver requirements?

Yes. All home care agencies will require that caregivers pass a criminal history background check as well as a negative tuberculosis test result. On top of that, prospective caregivers must have a car, insurance, and valid driver’s license. Plus, they should possess a willingness to learn. There is no college degree required, but caregivers must be teachable.

Chosen Family helps seniors enjoy their final years in their homes as well as disabled adults in the region. As a caregiver with Chosen Family, you’ll work with 2-3 seniors, one at a time. You’ll participate in fun activities like art, games, reading and music, plus tasks like housekeeping, meal preparation, running errands, and other personal care related activities.

How can I learn more about Chosen Family Home Care or working at the organization?

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Feel free to reach out to us at 267.457.4122. You can call us or text us directly at our home care agency phone number. Also, you can send us a message through our website. Finally, be sure to follow us and connect with us on both Facebook or Instagram



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