What is the lowest cost & most affordable home care provider in Pennsylvania?

home care provider in Pennsylvania

What is the lowest cost & most affordable home care provider in Pennsylvania?

Are you looking for great home care or respite care support without paying expensive home care fees? We outline the cheapest and most affordable home care agency across Pennsylvania and in the greater Philadelphia area in our newest post. Plus, we give a full and transparent breakdown of home care costs.

There is huge demand for home care services. Seniors are a growing population, and with that comes an increasing need for senior support in the home. Several barriers exist that make home care access challenging though.

Insurance coverage for home care and respite

Limited options exist for home care senior support coverage. In fact, most home care services are paid for through private pay (or private duty) care. That means that the full cost of home care services are paid out of pocket. Find our guide to private pay home care here.

Otherwise, much of home care support comes from individuals that qualify for Medicaid waiver services as well those on long term care insurance. We detail the Medicaid waiver program in Pennsylvania as well as the for individuals seeking or that already have long term care insurance.

Paying out of pocket for senior home care

Since a large majority of home health services are ultimately paid for privately, cost is a major consideration for families and loved ones that want to get started with caregiver support.

We break down the average cost of home care assistance in greater Philadelphia as well as across Pennsylvania below. For greater detail and more information, please reference our full guide “How much does home care cost in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?”

In greater Philadelphia, home care costs average $24 per hour, according to retirementliving.com. Philadelphia has higher rates than the average Pennsylvania state cost. Across Pennsylvania, you’ll find a home care cost average of $22.63 per hour. Pennsylvania as a state ranks just above the national average of $22 per hour for home care costs. Below, we show a graph comparing home care costs.

Balancing benefits of senior home care with costs

Home care support for seniors can provide huge benefits to the care recipients. Check out our top 8 benefits of caregiver support for seniors guide for all the details. However, just like with anything in life, affordability is a major factor. For example, if a family struggles to afford home care services, then the benefits don’t matter. That being said, many families and seniors find that the enhanced quality of life and independence that comes with home health support are worth the investment. Plus, home care may end up saving families in the long run. This is accomplished by the ability to keep the elderly out of nursing homes, which is a huge expense that often far exceeds caregiver support at home. Also, since home care can generally keep seniors safer, they may find cost benefits saved through fewer medical expenses. Examples might include by preventing a senior from falls or by monitoring them for their safety and proactively preventing incidents that could cause harm.

Affordable low cost home care and respite care services across the state of Pennsylvania

There are very few home care agencies that will publish their home care rates online. However, Chosen Family Home Care aims to be transparent and upfront with all of their home care fees charged.

Chosen Family Home Care is the cheapest and most affordable home care provider both in Philadelphia and across the state of Pennsylvania. In fact, we match our statement with a price match guarantee. We will beat any local competitor on home care prices, and we will never sacrifice quality of care or service to our clients as a result.

You’ll find our full home care price list at the bottom of this post. Our rates start at only $20 per hour!

How can a home care agency provide the lowest and most affordable caregiver fees without cutting corners?

It’s easier than you may think to be the most competitive provider of senior home care providers while still providing excellent care. A few of the answers may surprise you.

  • An investment in caregivers and high pay. It may seem counterintuitive to pay your caregivers well while also providing affordable home care support. However, great pay actually leads to lower costs in the long run. This is because employee turnover is lower, so business costs are lower. Caregivers can spend more time providing direct care to senior clients and the home care company will spend less on recruiting, hiring, and training caregivers to provide care.
  • Fewer marketing expenses. We don’t spend heavily on marketing and advertising. Because we have great caregivers, we can get clients through word of mouth referrals. This allows us to grow without spending huge amounts of money on recruiting senior and disabled home care clients. We pass these costs onto our clients through the lowest caregiver fees in all of Pennsylvania.
  • No franchise fees. You may not know it, but many home care providers are a part of a large nationwide franchise. Local franchises must pay a large amount of money to their parent companies each year. Because Chosen Family Home Care is not part of a larger franchise, it allows us another avenue to provide our home care services at a lower cost than our competitors.


Why does Chosen Family Home Care aim to be the lowest cost provider of home care services?

It’s simple. We recognize that home care services offer huge benefits to all of our clients. We also recognize the economic realities that our senior clients or their loved ones must face to be able to afford home care support. As a result, we work hard to keep our service costs low and cheaper than our home care competitors to maximize the number of individuals that can afford our home care services. Plus, it can allow families to get support for longer periods of time to maximize the greatest amount of support possible.

What if I still can’t afford home care services for me or my loved one?

There may still be options. One of the most common is through the Pennsylvania state Medicaid waiver. Low income seniors may be able to qualify through certain criteria. If an older adult qualifies and is approved for home care services, then the costs will be covered in full by the state of Pennsylvania.

A note on the price list of caregiver services below

A perk of home care is that it is very flexible and can be personalized to each individual and family’s unique circumstances. Please reach out to Chosen Family Home Care for more information on the services and support available to you or a senior loved one. We can help you create a tailored approach that keeps your budget and care needs in mind.

Chosen Family Home Care price list across Pennsylvania

cheap home care

Daily caregiver shift fees for all counties in Pennsylvania outside of greater Philadelphia (4 hour shift minimum and 20 hours per week total minimum).*

Weekdays $20 per hour
Weekends $22 per hour

Daily caregiver shift fees for greater Philadelphia (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties). Minimum of 4 hour shifts and 20 hours per week total.*

Weekdays $21 per hour
Weekends $23 per hour

*Cost of senior caregivers for 4 hour shifts but less than 20 hours per week will have a $1.50 per hour surcharge to the rates listed above.

Short shift/short hours rate: Daily caregiver shift fees for all counties in Pennsylvania outside of greater Philadelphia (less than 4 caregiver hours per day). Philadelphia counties have a $1 per hour surcharge

Weekdays $28 per hour
Weekends $34 per hour

24 hour per day live-in care

Individuals $250 per day
Couples $310 per day

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