The 9 Top Traits of the Best Senior Caregivers

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The 9 Top Traits of the Best Senior Caregivers

Understand the qualities that the most successful home caregivers share.

April 6, 2020


If you have ever provided care to a loved one or worked with a caregiver, you know how challenging the role can be and how vital it is for your loved one’s success at home. As a result, choosing the best in-home caregiver for a loved one is an important decision. For those in need of a professional home caregiver for an elder loved one, it’s important to find an individual with the right qualities. 

The right home caregiver is crucial as they will spend many hours with their care recipient in the intimacy of one’s home. Therefore, you want to find a caregiver that treats their care recipient like their own family.

The following are the top 9 traits that you’ll find in the best caregivers for seniors and those in need of additional support.


Empathy is mainly intrinsic and some can empathize more than others. Individuals should ask themselves how they would want to be treated and cared for if they were in a comparable situation.


Caregivers are in a position that allows them to have access to the possessions of the seniors they care for. It is vital that the caregiver is someone trustworthy. They cannot breach that trust by taking advantage of the person that they are caring for.


For those needing care and assistance, some of their independence has been lost. This can be challenging for some seniors to deal with. Excellent providers of care can imagine how difficult it is to lose the independence of cooking, dressing, bathing and running daily errands. It can be hard to find dependable care to step in and fill the void. Caregivers must be reliable when a senior’s life rests on their ability to provide needed care and support.


When someone has compassion for another they have an understanding of what the person is going through. By being sympathetic and concerned for the obstacles of their care recipients, they can adequately understand and appreciate how they feel or may be suffering from their ailments or conditions. This emotional engagement is great in supporting patient care. 


The majority of care recipients are older adults. For some, the care they require results from physical illness, injuries, stroke recovery, or dementia. Each of these situations require specialized care. Therefore, caregivers must be patient when the person they’re caring for cannot move or manage quickly. Caregivers should let a person try and do as much as they can for themselves while giving them enough time. 


Whether a care recipient is having a bad day or a caregiver is, they may need to look deep within and find strength and perseverance. They can breath deeply, take a break, and rest on the aforementioned patience. Additionally, a great caregiver will recognize their weaknesses and know when they may need additional support.  


A situation can quickly change when providing care for others. Therefore, the ability to be flexible is vital. A recipient of care may suddenly fall ill, causing your schedule to be upended. For those who can adapt to change rapidly and are able to accept change easily, caregiving can be a great fit.


When providing home care support, it is crucial that the caregiver is attentive to the needs and changes that their care recipient faces. By being perceptive and observant, the caregiver can notice when there are emotional or physical changes in the person that they care for.


When searching for the best caregiver, those that show the motivation and drive to be proactive should be at the top of your list. Those that are forward thinking in ways to better serve their clients are those that not only help provide support to their client but also facilitate independence. Certain caregivers seem simply born to serve and love others. Find out the underlying reason that one chooses to be a caregiver which provides insight into how one may demonstrate drive and initiative for their care recipient.

When identifying the right caregiver for you or your loved one, you are in need of more than just a licensed professional. You want someone that will treat your loved one with an identical level of respect and kindness that you would yourself. In addition to finding a caregiver that meets the traits mentioned above, it is vital to find a caregiver with a personality that connects well with your senior loved one.

Learn about tips on hiring the best caregiver for more insights and beneficial family resources. If you are providing care to a family or friend, understand caregiver stress and burden and how you can overcome it and how you can manage a career and caregiving. 

The caregivers at Chosen Family Home Care are screened to have the above traits and more. Our home caregivers are passionate about their work while always putting the seniors in their care first. If you need to find the right match for your senior loved one, reach out to us so we can assist you and offer a free consultation.

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