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Care Costs and Options Available


What Home Care Costs


As you investigate the different options available to you, you want to choose the type of care that fits into your needs. One of the first things on your mind is how your care decisions will affect your bank account. You are not alone; many people searching for care are apprehensive about the potential financial burden of paying for long-term care. What will home care cost for you? It may be more affordable than you think.


The Average Cost of Care


The cost of non-medical home care varies depending on where you live and the amount of care you will need. The best way to budget for home care is to determine the number of hours you will need per week. Feel free to take our free online needs home care estimator to evaluate your needs and the number of hours you may need.


According to the Cost of Care Survey – 2018, an annual report by Genworth, home care costs less than other options like adult day care, assisted living and skilled nursing. The cost for home care will vary depending on the type of care someone needs and where they are located in the US.


Does Insurance Pay for Home Care?


There following are options for home care coverage:

-Waiver Programs/Medicaid: Pennsylvania manages Medicaid coverage and support for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). These are paid for by waiver programs at the state level. In Pennsylvania, it is covered under the Community Health Choices (CHC) waiver. Many individuals rely on non-medical home care support through the state Medicaid waiver program. Keep in mind that there are strict eligibility requirements, and that there is generally a long waiting period for benefits to be active. Chosen Family is proud to provide services through the state’s waiver program.

-Veterans programs: There are several forms of assistance and benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

-Medicare/Medicare Advantage: Original Medicare generally only covers home care services for very short-term needs in conjunction with other services under doctor’s orders and is very limited. For general needs, Medicare will not cover home care. Medicare Advantage does have the option to cover home care through supplemental benefits, but these benefits vary widely across plans so be sure to check with your Medicare Advantage plan for more information.

-Long term care insurance:  Insurance will cover home care, generally speaking, under long term care (LTC) insurance plans. However, for those in current need of benefits and care, they will be unable to purchase care insurance. If it is possible it is likely to be cost prohibitive. LTC can be an excellent option, but only if doing long term planning.

-Private pay: Many individual clients pay for home care needs from their own savings or assets, or those of their families. Sometimes family members will pool resources in order to contribute to care needs. Often, seniors or their family members may also sell certain assets that are no longer used or which may be needed to properly finance ones care needs. Finally, accessing home equity is another common option.

For the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region specifically, please see our blog post “How Much Does Home Care Cost in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?” for a more detailed overview of both costs and payer coverage options.


Proactive Home Care to Maintain Independence At Home


Obviously, home care is a much more desirable and affordable option. Home care can minimize accidents and injuries that lead to hospital stays and visits to the doctor. As Chosen Family caregivers help with activities of daily living, they promote healthier habits such as daily movement, social engagement, healthy eating habits and proper hygiene. With a Chosen Family caregiver by their side potential accidents and falls will be minimized, and having a steady hand helps many seniors be more sure on their feet.


Our caregivers help keep track of prescriptions and can take your loved ones to and from doctor appointments. Medication reminders given by a Chosen Family caregiver can prevent our clients from forgetting to take their medication or overdosing, both of which can lead to more serious health concerns.


Chosen Family is proud to provide services that improve the quality of our clients lives and allows people to maintain their independence, in the home they love.


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