Respite Care

Respite Care For When Caregivers Need A Break



If you look after someone who is sick, disabled, or has limited functional capacity, chances are it’s a 24 hour job. You need a break from time to time to care for yourself or to take care of personal needs. Chosen Family’s respite care program can help. Take time to relax and overcome caregiver stress through respite care.


What is respite care for family caregivers? What happens in respite care?


Respite care is essentially a  break for caregivers that are caring for their loved ones. Respite care can be the lifeline that a family caregiver or their loved one needs. Because of its short-term nature, respite care is a type of home care that usually involves caregiving on a limited or temporary basis.


Why respite care with a home care agency?


At Chosen Family Home Care, we understand how difficult caring for a family member or loved one can be. We also know the positive difference respite care can make in the life of family caregiver. Whether providing care to a spouse, parent, grandparent, or loved one and you need outside assistance, our caregivers are available to lend a helping hand.


The need for a break and family caregiver statistics


family caregivers often find the stressors of caretaking for a loved one very burdensome



Avoiding caregiver stress burnout with respite care


Over 40 million Americans act as a family caregiver for their loved ones. If you are one of them, this type of care can make a world of difference. Family caregivers are at very high risk of physical and mental exhaustion. As a result, many caregivers face the potential for caregiver burnout.

Respite care at home can dramatically reduce your risk of burnout. It can make caring for your loved one more manageable. When you need a chance to rest and recuperate, Chosen Family Home Care can provide care services to your loved one. You can take the time to care for yourself or just simply relax and recharge. If the regular routine of caregiving has become overwhelming, we can perform scheduled respite visits to reduce your workload.


Benefits of respite care for a senior loved one


  • Take a break. Respite care allows family caregivers the chance to rest and relax.
  • Maintain your health and well being. It doesn’t have to be a long time away. Even a break of several hours can lower caregiver stress, reduce blood pressure, recharge your batteries, and restore a sense of balance or purpose.
  • Time away helps you alleviate caregiver burnout and keep things in proper perspective. You might even think of better ways to do things or provide care.
  • Use respite care to maintain your sense of self and preserve identity. Caregivers are important, too.
  • Promote engagement. Social isolation can be a huge problem for caregivers. Take time to engage with friends and family away from your caregiving duties.
  • Be your best at caretaking. Taking care of your needs allows you to return refreshed so you can continue to provide the best care to your loved one in the future.
  • Prevent poor habits from forming with family caregivers. When a caregiver is overworked, they may start some bad practices in order to manage their stress. Caregivers may drink more or exercise less when faced with the burden of family care. A needed break can help keep up good habits and a positive routine.
  • A major concern caregivers experience is not receiving adequate support. As possibly the only family member able to provide support, respite care can offer needed breaks. A professional caregiver can also give pointers and advice based on their experience and the experience working with your loved one.


Home Health Care That Fits Your Schedule


With Chosen Family Home Care, you can request temporary help for as much or as little time as you need. Your schedule is demanding, so we can have a respite caregiver ready and available as you need and on a schedule that works for you.

We will evaluate the needs of your senior loved one and ensure that they receive the same care and compassion you provide while you’re away. You don’t have to provide care for your loved ones alone. Reach out to us today to find out all the ways that Chosen Family can help.


Loved ones can benefit, too


Respite care in the home doesn’t just benefit the family caregiver, but it can also provide benefits to the loved one that receives care.  By providing a loved one respite care, they may experience:

  • New friends and connections with peers
  • Opportunities for growth and development
  • Reduced feelings of social isolation and depression
  • Educational and social activities that challenge their abilities
  • A comfortable introduction to the senior living community, if respite care is done in a residential facility


Frequently asked questions regarding respite care


Does Medicare cover respite care costs?


Yes, but only in extremely limited cases. Medicare will cover a majority of the cost of up to 5 days in a row of respite care within hospital or skilled nursing (long-term care) facility for an individual receiving hospice care.


Does Medicaid cover respite care costs?


Medicaid itself will not cover respite care costs. However, those individuals that qualify and receive home care services through the Medicaid waiver may have this service paid for (all or in part). See our guide to waiver services at home under the Medicaid waiver.


Will long term care insurance pay for respite care?


It certainly should, yes. Policies will all vary, but many long term care (LTC) policies sold now have broad coverage options. They will generally allow you to use the daily benefit in a variety of places, including for respite care in or outside of the home. Check out our detailed long term care insurance guide for more information.


Who pays for respite care?


Apart from limited coverage under Medicaid and Medicare, the most common payer of respite care is self pay, or private payment for caregiver services. Our private duty home care guide walks you through using private pay services in home care.


How much does respite care cost?

Respite care services will be the same cost as other home care assistance services for seniors and elderly. Check out our detailed home care cost analysis in the state Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia, and across the USA.

Are there alternatives to respite care besides home care?

Yes, and we are glad to provide that information to you.

  • Informal respite support. This is using and relying on others, such as families and friends, to provide hands-on caregiving support. This is also unpaid.
  • Adult daycare for respite. This is another alternative for someone to give their senior loved one a chance to participate in the community. In a shared setting, they will provide games and activities, a chance at socialization, as well as prepared meals.
  • Professional caregivers, like those provided by Chosen Family Home Care.

Considering the next step


Caring for a loved one is challenging but also rewarding. Family caregivers need to understand the importance of taking necessary breaks. Practicing self-care is critical so they can continue to find both joy and success in their role.

It’s important to acknowledge that caregiving can come with feelings of loss, emotional stress, and physical strain. This can risk the health and wellbeing of a family caregiver. They must account for their own needs or take a break when necessary. Respite care provided by Chosen Family Home Care is a convenient and flexible solution for many families.


family caregiver breaks


With respite care, family caregivers can rediscover the joy they first found in caregiving. Chosen Family Home Care helps families find a balance between caring for their loved one and taking good care of themselves. Our caregivers are passionate about their work, build meaningful bonds with both the client and their family, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

By selecting Chosen Family Home Care, family caregivers receive full support that includes:

  • Professionally trained caregivers
  • Structured activity tailored to an individual’s interests designed to engage them physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Assistance with tasks like cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing and shopping
  • Preparing meals and dietary assistance
  • 24/7 monitoring and notification services
  • Medication reminders
  • Monitoring after procedures
  • Accompaniment to appointments and events
  • Safety assessments in the home


To learn more about our supportive in-home and respite services, contact Chosen Family Home Care today.