In America, there are estimated to be over 3 million LGBT adults (those that are gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender) over the age of 50, with projections that this will increase to over 7 million adults by 2030. LGBT elders confront unique challenges as we get older. Compared to their heterosexual peers, LGBT elders are:


  • Twice as likely to be single and live alone
  • Four times less likely to have children
  • Much more likely to have faced discrimination and social stigma
  • More likely to face poverty, homelessness, and poor general health


Chosen Family recognizes the challenges facing the LGBT community and exists to overcome the issues and shortcomings in care provided to the elder and disabled LGBT community. We recognize how a lifetime of discrimination, stigma, and fear have created many of the challenges that LGBT seniors face. As a result, we have worked to create an environment that is accepting, inclusive, and supportive to the LGBT community.


Chosen Family embraces its role as a community partner, which is why “a circle of support and community” is built right into our slogan.  We advocate and connect LGBT elders to community resources and opportunities to allow older adults to live vibrant, happy, and healthy lives. Chosen Family is more than just a name, it’s our mission.

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