18 Must-Read Blogs for Caregivers

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18 Must-Read Blogs for Caregivers

Consider following one or more of the caregiver blogs below for caregiving tips and managing the challenges of providing care. Our must-read blogs include blogs for family and spouse caregivers, as well as an array of dementia and alzheimer’s caregiving support blogs.

Providing support as a family caregiver can be a struggle. You might feel overwhelmed, and you might not slow down to learn how to best care for someone you love. Family caregivers can be in a wide range of caretaking situations. They may be caring for a child, a senior loved one, or a spouse. They also may face enhanced challenges through dementia and Alzheimer’s caregiving or other conditions like Parkinson’s.

Family caregivers may feel stressed, tired, and alone. On top of that, the burden of caretaking may feel endless as it is long-term by nature. Although you love your family member, the consistent challenges that accompany caregiving make you wonder how to best move forward. 

LIke many other caregivers out there, you may worry about your loved one, feel ill-prepared to offer support around the clock, and just plain burnt out and lonely. 

Online Resources for Family Caregivers

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Caregiving might not be always thought of as a trending topic. However,  there are over 40 million family caregivers providing critical supportive services for loved ones at home that are elderly or disabled, just like you.

Traditionally, there hasn’t been an abundance of resources for this critical population of care providers. However, there is a growing level of information and research out there as the number of family caregivers has swelled over the years. This is a major benefit for all caregivers out there, as these resources are important for dealing with the struggles of daily caregiving that lead to stress, depression, and isolation. 

Connecting with the right resources online and talking to other caregivers can be an excellent way to provide family caregivers with a sense of community and knowledge they need to navigate the burdens of providing long-term care.

Below, we highlight 18 popular caregiver blogs that we think any family caregiver will find helpful. The blogs that we’ve found are helpful in providing caregivers the vital resources and support they need to continue this challenging work. These and others out there can also help caregivers relate to individualized situations such as caring for loved ones with dementia, being a caregiver as a single mom or dad, or caregiving as an LGBT community member.

The Caregiver’s Voice

This multi-author blog describes their vision as “To illuminate the caregiver journey while giving a voice to the millions of caregivers worldwide who endure unimaginable sacrifices to provide quality care to their loved ones.”

The Caregivers Space

blog for family caregivers

This comprehensive resource for caregivers provides advice and support from fellow caregivers. Read insights, shared stories, and engage with other caregivers about lessons learned and offering your own support. 

Next Avenue

This resource page for individuals over the age of 50 has a dedicated section for caregivers. They provide blogs and resources dedicated to caregiver support, along with additional information on different topics such as home care, end of life, finances, assisted living, and social services. 

ElderCare ABC Blog

blog for family caregivers disabled

Founded by a husband and wife team that both spent years as caregivers for their now deceased parents. The challenges of their caregiving situations inspired them to create a community to both support and inform others who were going through the caregiver experience.

When they get older

This UK-based blog is dedicated to providing caregiver support through tips and experiences for those caring for older adult and senior loved ones. 

The new old age
blog for family caregivers

Family Caregivers

This New York Times based blog offers incredible resources for caregivers and seniors. Their depth of journalism makes their reporting original, useful, and easy to navigate. 


A blog with multiple authors that grew from the founder’s experience as a caregiver for his father, who had Parkinson’s disease. This page features a mix of credited authors who provide information, tools, and resources to help caregivers and patients.

A Place For Mom

blog for family caregivers

This senior resource guide also has a dedicated blog. It’s a place for caregivers of aging adults to receive understanding, support, news, and tips. It also includes caregiver wellness, with essential articles and tips for anyone in this role. 

The Caregivers Living Room

This blog by Donna Thompson offers a personal view on caregiving. It also offers advice on staying mentally healthy while caring for a loved one. 

Aging Care

blog for family caregivers

Aging care has a caregiver support section. It provides emotional support and guidance for families, partners, and other caregivers that provide care for another adult.

Senior living

Senior living provides advice and resources for caregivers and loved ones. In addition to blogs, their resources include tools, advice, and guidance in a variety of senior-related categories.


blog for family caregivers

This blog, which is a part of the Family Caregiver Alliance, offers an array of resources. They are handy for caregivers and their loved ones. The Family Caregiver Alliance is dedicated to improving the lives of family caregivers and those in receipt of their care. As such, this is apparent in the quality of their blog. 

Family Caregiver Council

The blog in reference is not to be confused with the Family Caregiver Alliance. The Family Caregiver Council is a partnership of organizations and aging experts. They joined together to form a trusted resource to support family caregivers.

Happy Healthy Caregiver

blog for family caregivers

Just like it sounds, this blog provides strategies and tips to keep family caregivers happy, healthy, and sane. They also focus on aiding the integration of providing care with managing the health and well-being of the caregivers themselves. 

Caregiver Cafe Blog

In this blog, you’ll find regular website updates that offer useful and amusing tips that help with daily caregiving tasks. They aim to provide easy to digest information and pick-me-ups to family caregivers. 

The Diary of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

senior family caregiver blog

This blog follows the journey of the author, who cares for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. It offers a way for caregivers to connect, provide support, and share stories. With this, it can help and inspire fellow caregivers, especially those caring for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients

Early Onset Alzheimer’s Blog

Another Alzheimer’s and dementia related blog, this site was founded by the author that provided care for her husband who lives with the condition. In addition to regular blogs, it also offers information, support, and knowledge for caregivers. The website is focused on Alzheimer’s, but its array of resources can be of use to all caregivers.

Nosy Parker

dementia caregiver blog

This blog features an author that cares for her aging mother. She chronicles the ups and downs of being a solo caregiver. This is a lifestyle blog shaped by her experiences. This blog excels at providing regular updates, almost always on a daily basis. 

caregiver blogs

To summarize, there are many excellent resources out there that family caregivers should take advantage of. By following and reading these blogs, caregivers can feel more connected and supported. In addition, caregivers can provide a better level of care to their loved ones as well through educating themselves on best practices learned from others in the industry. 

Chosen Family Home Care offers relevant and regularly updated resources for caregivers. They help caregivers and senior loved ones manage the challenges they face regularly through their blogs and insights. Chosen Family Home Care provides the tools and knowledge for family members in need to excel and stay healthy while thriving at home. In addition, we offer supportive at-home care services for Philadelphia-area senior and disabled residents. This includes home care support for those that need a little extra help with activities of daily living or respite care to allow family caregivers a much needed break. 

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