Top Paying Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia: A Guide

home care agencies that pay good

Top Paying Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia: A Guide

Interested in working for a home care agency that pays high? We help you identify the home healthcare agency that offers the highest pay to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania caregivers and home health aides right here. Look no further than our guide to home health agencies and home care agencies offering the highest starting salaries for direct care workers in Philly. We show you where you can find the best paying home healthcare agency and top paying home care agency in all of Philly as well as a full list of home care agencies near you in the region. Want $15 an hour? Then scroll down for our top paying home care agency in Philadelphia revealed!

Caregivers and HHAs obviously prioritize home healthcare agencies that offer the highest starting salaries. In a role as vital and beneficial as a caregiver, employees deserve to receive a fair and equitable compensation that allows them to take care of themselves and their own families. Because of that, we created this article to help you find the top paying home care agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The best home healthcare agencies understand this and value the work of their caregiver employees. Plus, they understand that their employees are essential workers and that their jobs are valuable and meaningful. It is crucial to treat staff members as family. They should also value their hard work and contributions to both their clients and to the company as a whole. Plus, caregivers that are treated well will treat their clients well too. It’s a scenario in which everyone wins, from the company to the client.  In short, the top paying home care agencies set themselves apart from the rest with their dedication to good caregiver compensation.

Looking for a list of home care agencies in Philadelphia nearby? Find our guide with a list of local home health companies here.

home care agencies and home health agencies that pay high

Be sure to consider with home care agencies offer their employees the most competitive hourly or daily pay rates with high pay.

What caregiver and home health aide benefits should I be evaluating besides just the top paying home health agency?


Talk to just about any hourly worker and they’ll tell you that there’s more to a job than just a good salary. There are a number of ways caregivers and HHAs can make their quality of life better with a caring organization. Prioritize any home healthcare agencies that offer the following:

Employee compensation on a weekly basis

Look for employers that offer weekly or biweekly pay to their employees. With weekly paychecks, caregiving employees get a payday every week. This means that they have the cash-in-hand they need, when they need it. Check out our guide on home healthcare agencies that offer weekly pay. Plus, some agencies have been known to not pay their employees regularly. This is both unethical and against the law in Pennsylvania. Work with a reputable agency that has a track record of caring for their caregivers and staff members.

Sign-On Bonus

Many agencies will offer sign-on bonuses to family caregivers and home health aides. This is particularly true for family caregivers or those that care for their loved ones and transfer to an agency with their client. Chosen Family Home Care offers a sign-on bonus of $500 for eligible caregivers that transfer or start services with a client. When you are looking for employers that offer a sign on bonus, be sure to check the terms of the sign-on bonus. For example, some agencies may spread out their sign-on bonus over a matter of weeks or months. At Chosen Family Home Care, the agency offers their sign-on bonus after just 30 days. There are no strings attached! Call 267.457.4122 for details on eligibility.

Healthcare coverage

The top home care agency employers offer robust healthcare coverage insurance options for their valued staff members. It is important that these benefits are offered to caregivers and home health aides because the well-being, safety, and peace of mind that it offers to staff members and caregivers is invaluable. Plus, for home care agencies that have more than 50 employees, it is a requirement to offer healthcare insurance coverage options per the Affordable Care Act. Chosen Family Home Care offers healthcare coverage for all employees that work 30 hours a week or more and covers up to 100 percent of the cost of the premium!

Regular training and development


home care agencies that pay high


Be sure to prioritize any home healthcare agencies that offer continued employee development and other opportunities to continue learning. An employer’s training program will speak volumes about an organization. This is because the companies that invest in their employees in this way “walk the walk” when it comes to demonstrating employee commitment. At the very least, home health agencies should be meeting training requirements for home care agencies as outlined by Pennsylvania state. 

For example, Chosen Family Home care offers free Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Training for eligible caregivers who are with the company at least 6 months! This is done through CareBridge Academy. Call for terms and conditions.

Work/life balance

Some home healthcare agencies don’t make an effort to prioritize the caregivers own needs as a person and employee. This means finding a home healthcare agency that offers the time for employees to rest and recharge because caregivers need a break too. 

Paid time off and vacation

Family caregivers and home health aides deserve to be able to take a break. When you inquire at a home care agency or home healthcare company, it’s vital to prioritize those with paid time off as a benefit. Chosen Family Home Care offers up to 5 days paid time off (40 hours of PTO per year) for all qualifying employees starting on their first day of hire. Although home care agencies and businesses are not required to offer vacation pay in Pennsylvania, look for companies that do offer this benefit.

If you are in Philadelphia, the city has its own requirements. For example, employees legally are entitled to one hour of sick leave for every 40 hours worked. Caregivers in this case can earn up to 40 hours of paid sick leave per year in Philadelphia.

Approved overtime


find the highest paying caregiver jobs


If you are working as a home health aide, consider home care agencies that authorize and pay overtime to their employees. Some home care agencies do not authorize overtime. This is because employees make a higher hourly pay rate when they work more than 40 hours a week. This pay rate is 50 percent higher than their normal rate. For example, if someone earns $10 an hour, after 40 hours worked in the same week, an employee is entitled to $15 an hour for hours worked in excess of 40.

Even worse, some home care agencies allow employees to work more than 40 hours per week but do not compensate them at the higher rate. This practice is not only unethical, it is also illegal federally as well as in Pennsylvania state. Also, look at overtime laws that just went into effect on October 3, 2020. Make sure that home care agencies you consider will allow you to work overtime hours, as needed. Finally, make sure that they are paying you the correct overtime caregiver pay amount which is 50 percent higher than your regular pay rate.

Professional growth opportunities for caregivers

Some home health aides end up leaving their roles as caregivers quite quickly. The employee turnover at different home healthcare agencies can vary widely. One of the most common reasons? Lack of support and supervision for the caregivers on staff. We provide regular supervision as well as a career path for those interested in furthering their healthcare careers. This is important because when caregivers feel supported, they are more likely to be effective in their position.

When home health aides have the tools to be successful, not only is the role more rewarding, but the client is happier too. As a result, the client is likely to have better health outcomes. By getting regular supervisor support, a professional caregiver can have peace of mind in knowing that they have help in dealing with a variety of client situations that might come up.

One of the best perks ever seen in the home care industry is free Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training for eligible employees. Chosen Family Home Care offers free CNA training to its qualified caregivers through CareBridge Academy! This is a major perk and is valued at $1745! Call for details.

Flexible scheduling


home care agencies that pay high


Whether full- or part-time, it’s important for home healthcare agencies to be flexible with their caregivers and HHAs. While this can be difficult for employers that are balancing an ever changing group of clients and schedules, it is important for employees. It demonstrates commitment to the employee as well to work with caregivers as much as possible and within reason. 

No long commutes

The top home healthcare agencies will make an effort to help match their caregivers to nearby clients. This can reduce the need for long commutes and make client care more accessible. 

Caregiver matching

Strong home healthcare agencies will work to match their caregivers and clients as well. These features might be based on personality, culture, or other needs of the client and experience of the caregiver and HHA. While it’s not an exact science, home healthcare agencies that make this effort help not only the caregiver but the client as well. A well matched client and caregiver can make all parties happier and it makes the relationship more likely to be successful. Plus, the patient care outcomes may also improve as a result. 

Other caregiver perks and benefits

It’s important to consider the other perks or benefits that a home healthcare company may be able to provide. These could vary from having a retirement plan available, a free occasional lunch, employee discounts, or life insurance. Also, do not discount the culture of a workplace as a happy and positive environment can make all the difference. Chosen Family Home Care provides many of these features we mentioned, as prides itself on its company culture that is inclusive, supportive, and fun. 

look for home care agencies that pay high

What is the average pay for caregivers? Which home care agencies pay high?

Across the Philadelphia Pennsylvania region (including the tri-state area nearby parts of Delaware and New Jersey), the average annual salary for HHAs and caregivers is $26,120. Reflected as an hourly rate, that comes to $12.56 per hour in compensation. Caregivers make more in Philadelphia than they do in the state of Pennsylvania or in the United States as a whole. Read all about the pay rates for home health aides and caregivers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with the nationwide averages.

How much do home health aides make a year?

Home health aides make a comparable salary to caregivers. Generally though, home health aides can find slightly higher pay than caregivers. This is because of the advanced training and certification that home health aides receive. Because of this, home health aides may be able to find a high paying home care agency that offers enhanced pay as compared to unlicensed caregivers. It’s not unusual for some high paying home care agencies in Philadelphia to offer a higher rate for home health aides than caregivers. For example, 50 cent higher pay differentials are not uncommon per hour.


What is the top paying home healthcare agency and top paying home care agency in Philadelphia? 

top paying home healthcare agencies that pay high

In reviewing, they list the top paying home healthcare agencies that provide data. Upon review, you will find that the top paying home healthcare agency averages $12.15 per hour locally. The interesting thing is that there is often a correlation between the highest paying home health agency near you and the best home health care agencies in Philadelphia. However, this still doesn’t help us answer the question of which home care agency pays the most. 

The Highest Paying Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia offer a $15 hourly rate average guarantee*!

Many home care agencies and home health agencies can only pay their caregivers between $10 and $12 per hour. This is because of the limited ability to be profitable. This is particularly true with Medicaid waiver patients or those that are getting paid to care for a loved one. However, some Philadelphia home health agencies that pay high have worked to keep their expenses low and also prioritized their caregivers. Really, caregivers and home health aides should be able to find a home health agency that pays at least $13 an hour. This salary guarantee and transparent pay is what makes these home care agencies stand out from the pack.

Which home care agency pays the most to its home health aides? What is the pay rate for the highest paying home care agency?

Chosen Family Home Care pays all of its caregivers (including family caregivers and personal care assistants) an average of $15 per hour. This is true even for caregivers on the Medicaid waiver or family members providing care for a loved one.

No other home care agency in Philadelphia can offer its caregivers $15 an hour on average.

Chosen Family Home Care across Philadelphia

Chosen Family Home Care is one of the top paying home healthcare agencies in all of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a presence in Bucks county, Chester county, Delaware county, Montgomery county, and Philadelphia, Chosen Family Home Care has the ability to benefit caregivers and home health aides alike throughout the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

Best of all, Chosen Family Home Care can guarantee that each and every caregiver and home health aide with the company will get paid an average of $15  per hour. This is far above the average compensation for caregivers listed ($12.15 per hour) on This is exactly what makes the company the top paying home healthcare agency in Philadelphia. We don’t stop there though. 

With Chosen Family Home Care, you can be happy knowing that you are being paid a fair and equitable wage. Plus, the company recognizes the value of its caregivers and secondary benefits such as weekly pay, up to 100 percent healthcare coverage, paid holidays and vacations, a caring company culture, and investments in employee training and development which lead to a promising career in the healthcare field. 

Why Work For Chosen Family Home Care?

top paying home health care agencies highest paying home health agency in philadelphia highest paying home health agency near me highest paid home care agency in pa

Chosen Family Home Care prioritizes cultural competency in home care as well as meeting the needs of diverse clients.


  • Every employee will earn an average of $15  per hour. Even if you have no experience, Chosen Family Home Care will make sure that you not only have the tools to be successful but that you will also be paid an average of $15 per hour (call for details).
  • Free Certified Nurse Aide training! All employees that work through Chosen Family Home Care that work for the organization at least 6 months and meet other service hour requirements are eligible to get free CNA training at CareBridge Academy. This is a HUGE benefit of the organization and the training program normally costs $1595. Caregivers must also be otherwise eligible under Department of Education regulations.
  • 5 paid days off that begin to accrue on day one. These figures increase with tenure at the company
  • Company sponsored healthcare insurance plans and coverage. The company offers a robust set of health insurance plans to its employees. Not only is it affordable, but the company even pays 40 percent of the premium for eligible caregivers and home health aides!
  • Paid holidays at 1.5 times the normal pay rate. On designated company holidays each and every year (New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day), the caregiver and home health aide will each 1.5 times their normal pay rate. For example, if a home health aide works on Christmas Day and normally earns $15 per hour, they will earn $22.50 per hour on the designated holiday.
  • Flexible schedule. We understand you have commitments outside of your job. Whether you work full or part time, Chosen Family Home Care works diligently to accommodate your schedule.
  • Professional growth. We provide  training monthly to all caregivers, paid family caregivers, and home health aides.
  • No Long Commutes. We work to match caregivers with a nearby client as much as possible.
  • Weekly pay. No waiting around or wondering when you will get paid as a caregiver with a once a week pay schedule. 
  • Sign on bonus. Eligible caregivers at the agency (such as those transferring with a client) are eligible for a sign on bonus of $500!


Does Chosen Family Home Care provide caregiver training?


home care agencies that pay high top paying home healthcare agencies


Yes. In addition to being the top paying home healthcare agency in the region, Chosen Family Home Care has a training department that is dedicated to employee development. We work to make sure that caregivers and home health aides have all the right training they need to be a success. By providing the right foundation of training for caregivers, they will not only be better in their jobs, but they will also be more satisfied in their caregiver roles. On top of that, clients will receive better home healthcare and patient satisfaction will improve. It’s a situation in which everyone wins, from caregivers and clients to the organization.

Are there any other caregiver requirements?

Yes. All home healthcare agencies will require that caregivers pass a criminal history background check. Plus, they will need to show proof of a negative tuberculosis test result. These are both state regulations that are a requirement of all caregivers and home health aides. Essentially, you’ll find comparable requirements across companies, including the highest paying home care agencies in Philadelphia. This is due to the state and federal regulations that all agencies fall under. 

If employees are applying to be a home health aide, they must also meet HHA certification requirements. Home health aides may be able to get their training at Chosen Family Home Care. Best of all, Chosen Family Home Care may provide this training for free to caregivers! That’s another great perk in addition to working at a home care agency that pays high

On top of that, prospective caregivers may be required to have a car, insurance, and valid driver’s license at a home healthcare agency. This is not a requirement of working at Chosen Family Home Care, though it is helpful. Finally, caregivers and home health aides should possess a willingness to learn. There is no college degree required, but caregivers must be teachable. 

Chosen Family Home Care helps seniors enjoy their final years in their homes with hands on home healthcare services. They also offer care to disabled adults in the region. As a caregiver with Chosen Family Home Care, you’ll work with 2-3 clients, one at a time. You’ll participate in fun activities like art, games, reading and music, plus tasks like housekeeping, meal preparation, running errands, and other personal care related activities.


well paying home healthcare agencies


Further considerations for caregivers and home health aides

Career paths

In addition to finding the top paying home healthcare agency, it’s crucial to think of your future as well. Real life experience shows that caregivers and home health aides can take a variety of career paths as they advance in their careers. On one hand, many caregivers are satisfied and stay in this type of work for years at a time. Others may move from one home healthcare agency to another or go from part-time to full- time work. Finally, many caregivers will attain more specialized experience such as working with special needs patients. 

Many caregivers work in home healthcare while going to school. For people who move into other related careers, the  most typical jobs taken five to ten years after starting work as a caregiver or home health aide include the following:

  • Ultrasound techs, with an average salary of $77,219 per year
  • Nurses, including both LPNs ($53,050 per year) and RNs ($68,911 per year)
  • Medical assistants ($38,660 per year)

Please note that these are just several examples and caregivers can take many different paths within their careers! Read this article with an in-depth analysis of caregiver and HHA career pathways. 

Job outlook

Demand for home healthcare services is projected to skyrocket as the baby boomer population ages. Home health aides and caregivers are actually some of the fast growing professions in the United States. The bureau of labor statistics projects a 34 percent increase in all home health aide and personal care aide jobs in America through 2028, versus only a 5 percent increase in all professions as a whole. Read more about the job growth here in Pennsylvania, reflecting over 37,000 new jobs for caregivers and home health aides across the state in the coming years. By working at the highest paying home care agencies in Philadelphia, you can help to advance your career even further. 

How can I learn more about Chosen Family Home Care or working at the home healthcare agency?

If you want to work for the top paying home care agency earning $15per hour or the top paying home healthcare agency in Philadelphia, look no further. Feel free to reach out to us at 267.457.4122. You can call us or text us directly at our home healthcare agency phone number. Also, you can send us a message through our website. Finally, be sure to follow us and connect with us on both Facebook or Instagram. Don’t delay and start earning $15 an hour today!

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